How To Enable the New Gmail Tabs

Google recently started rolling out updates to everyone’s inbox which includes a new tabs feature. This allows you to categorize your messages and keep a more organized inbox.

Gmail has a new interface, which allows you to get your inbox organized and help keep it that way. While the new tabs are said to be rolling out to all users at the moment, they might just be in your account already, without you knowing it. Here’s how to check and enable them, if they’re already available.

Using Gmail Tabs

As you may already know, the new inbox groups your email into tabs, to keep email categories organized. You can move messages between tabs, to help it learn what you want.

Now, if you want to enable the new tabs (provided they’re already available for your account), click the gears icon on the top right side of your Gmail inbox and click Configure Inbox.

gmail tabs

Now, you’ll get a window where you to select the tabs you want to get.

gmail tabs configure inbox

Once you’ve done that, click Save. You’ll get an explanation of the new interface.

gmail tabs walkthrough

You can categorize your email according to Social, Primary, Updates, Forums, and more.

gmail tabs on

Here’s a look at Google’s promotional video for the new features. And for more tips, tricks, and tips make sure to check out all of our articles about Gmail.

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