How to Use Your Android Device as a Webcam

If you need a webcam for Skype, Google Hangout or other chat service in a pinch, DroidCam lets you use your Android smartphone or tablet for the job.

Sometimes you need a webcam for Skype, Google Hangout or other chat services and don’t have one around. In a pinch, DroidCam lets you use your Android device as a webcam and / or mic on Windows via USB or WiFi.

Note: For this to work, make sure your phone or tablet drivers are installed and updated for Windows.


Install DroidCam

After verifying your drivers, download DroidCam on your device. You’ll also need to install the DroidCam client on your PC.

droidcam install pc client

During the install, you’ll be prompted to install the experimental audio driver.

droidcam install pc client audio driver

Now connect you Android device to your PC via USB cable. Start the DroidCam app on your device.

Then launch the PC client and Connect to Phone (USB).

droidcam pc client settings

To see the output video, click the “…” button on the bottom left side of the PC client’s window, then Show Camera Output.

The groovy part is that once the camera works real-time in the PC client, it will be recognized as a webcam in other Windows programs. Here’s an example of it running in Skype.

droidcam skype

Or here using the Google Talk plugin.

droidcam google talk plugin

There’s another option to connect, which is via WiFi or LAN. You can set an IP for the webcam on your network (or one will be claimed by the client), as well as a port to be used. Click the Connect to Phone (WiFi/LAN) button, the connect. I like the USB cable method better, as the video streams are more stable.

droidcam pc client wifi

You can also select the video stream resolution — from 320 x 240 to 960 x 720 pixels. The video can also be mirrored.

In the Settings menu, you can set it to use the front facing camera, which can make things easier.

DroidCam Android app settings

There’s also a Pro version ($4.00) that offers more features, higher quality video resolutions and no ads in the app. While it’s not perfect, video does freeze up at times, it’s viable option for the moments where you don’t have a webcam handy and need to have a video chat with someone.



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    Hi. can u please give that droid cam client protable. i am unable to install because of not have administrator access on my office pc

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