How to Disable Tab Hover Cards on Google Chrome

If you’re running Google Chrome version 78 or above the Tab Hover Cards feature is enabled by default. Here’s how to disable it.

Starting with Google Chrome version 78, one of the new features enabled by default are Tab Hover Cards. The cards automatically pop up when you hover your mouse over an individual tab. The card will display the title and URL of the page. If you would rather not have the cards show up, you can disable the feature. Here’s how.

If you’re running Google Chrome version 78 or higher the hover tab cards are enabled by default. They show the site’s URL and title when hovering over a tab.

Disable Chrome’s Tab Hover Cards

To start, launch the Chrome browser on your computer and copy the following path into the address bar and hit Enter:


That will bring you directly to the flag you need to set as Disabled from the dropdown menu. Also, keep in mind that you will need to relaunch the browser for the changes to go into effect. Just click the Relaunch Now button on the bottom of the page.

That’s it. When Chrome restarts you will no longer see the cards pop up when you hover over your tabs. If you want to turn it back on for any reason just go back to the same path above and set it to the Default option.

Some users who have a ton of tabs open at a time may find the hover cards handy. But if you find them more annoying than helpful, the good thing is you can turn them off.

However, keep in mind that while this works now, it may not in the future. Google keeps Chrome on a continuous update cycle. And some of the things you were able to turn on or off under the hood in the Flags section no longer works. One notable thing that comes to mind is disabling Autoplay videos on Chrome. The flag no longer exists so you need to use a third-party extension.

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