How to Disable Google Instant Search

Instant search is available from both the standard search page as well as the Google Chrome Omni bar. I’ll cover both starting with

The first, visit and click the Gear at the top-right and select Search Settings.

google settings gear box

Scroll about halfway down the settings page and click the bullet labeled “Do not use Google Instant.”

do not use google instant

Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and click Save Preferences.

google chrome preferences

Alternatively, you can visit Google with a function added onto the end of the URL to disable Google Instant. For those with U.S. Google Accounts just use:

instant search disabled in google chrome

This will work with any country Google domain as well. The trick comes from adding the following to the end of your or


Firefox users can block Google instant from their omni-searchbox by adding this tag to their Google keyword.URL in the Firefox config explained in this tutorial.

Disable Instant Search From Chrome’s Omni Bar

I do most of my searches from my browser’s omni-bar, and Chrome is no exception to that.  Here’s how to remove Instant Search from the Chrome omni-search box.

Click the wrench at the top-right of Chrome and select Options.

google chrome options

In Options > Basics, click Manage search Engines.

google chrome basics options

Now scroll down to the bottom and type in the following for each box:

add a search engine to google chrome

Once added it should automatically save.  To double-check this scroll back up to the top and your new search block should be seen under Default search options.

Google Chrome default search options



  1. ejes  

    I hate google instant, it flickers and is distracting and furthermore it doesn’t help me search any better.

    thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Fantastic. I’d just wasted most of an hour trying to figure out how to disable the wretched thing from the omni bar in Chrome. They don’t tell you in the search preferences that you have to change the Chrome options to get rid of instant search from the omni bar. They don’t tell you in Chrome options that even if instant search is not enabled in the tick box, they still enable it. This is a very poor user interface. I don’t use instant for the simple reason that 100 results per page gives a much better and quicker overview, and instant can’t deliver that. The flickering with instant is also annoying. Many thanks.

  3. BD  

    What mind numbingly stupid irony that Instant breaks Chrome. Why can’t we all just go back to Firefox 3, which actually worked? Sigh.

  4. Faraz Naqvi  

    My google default url is

    I have saved my preferences to “No Instant” for as well as

    Have 2 questions

    1)When in settings, the keyword is should be using:


    2)Also, should the url be

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