How to Convert Videos Using VLC Player

We all know VLC player is arguably the best media players available right now. It can play virtually any video or audio files you throw at it. But a lesser known feature is that VLC can convert videos too. Here’s how.

VLC player is arguably the best freeware media player available. It can play virtually any video or audio file you throw at it. Well, I have a little secret…  Did you know VLC can convert/transcode videos too? Let’s take a look!

Launch the VLC player and make sure you have the latest version. Click on Help and select Check for Updates.

VLC Convert Videos 1

It will show you if a new version is available. Click on Yes when it asks you to install the latest version of VLC.

VLC Convert Videos 2

Now, click on the Media menu and select Convert/Save. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R to open the convert video dialog box.

VLC Convert Videos 3

Once the dialog box opens, click the File tab and click the Add button. Then select the video you want to convert. You can even add the subtitles if you have them on your computer. Click on Convert/Save when done.

VLC Player Convert 4

It will take you to the final step of the conversion process. Select the destination folder along with the conversion profile. Click on the Start button to kick off the conversion process. It lets you convert audio files as well.

VLC Convert 5

It shows the progress in the playback video area.

VLC Convert Videos 6

VLC also lets you create new profiles. Click on Create New Profile button.

Vlc Player Convert 6

It will open a new dialog box to select audio and video codecs, encapsulation, and subtitles information. Give the new profile a name and click on Save after selecting your desired settings.

VLC Convert 7

If you want to change any settings of existing profiles, use the Edit Profile button to change the settings. It will take you back to the video and audio codecs, etc.

VLC Convert 8

One thing to note is that the VLC player doesn’t allow users to convert multiple videos simultaneously. But the convert option is a great hidden gem that’s useful when you need to convert a media file in a pinch.



  1. RecruitingANIMAL

    July 10, 2012 at 6:05 am

    I might be wrong but doesn’t this program gives you a lot of other software you didn’t request at the same time?

    • Brian Burgess

      July 10, 2012 at 8:27 pm

      Not VLC! It’s our media player of choice. I know GOM player — which also plays essentially any codec, tries to install extra crapware during the install.
      Nope. VLC is free, open source and free of crapware…highly recommend!

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