Check if Your iPhone is Factory Unlocked or Not

If you buy a used iPhone, you’ll probably want to know if it’s unlocked. Here’s an easy to use web utility that shows its status based on the IMEI number.

If you Purchase a second hand iPhone you might wonder if it’s factory unlocked or not. One way to check is to insert a different SIM card in it and check if it’s unlocked. But you can’t be completely sure of it as the previous owner may have preserved the baseband to an earlier version and unlocked it. So, for an easier way, check out iPhone IMEI Checker.

iPhone IMEI Checker is a handy tool that uses your iPhone’s IMEI number to check if it’s factory unlocked or not. On some phones you can find it by dialing *#06# but on iPhone you can navigate to Settings >> General >> About and find its IMEI number.

After you have the IMEI, go to the iPhone IMEI Checker website and enter the number.

Check if Factory Unlocked

Hit Enter and after few seconds, it will show you all the details about your device including the model, IMEI number, Serial Number, contract details, Simlock status, etc. And the most important info is the Simlock status. Device ID 1 in the information indicates your IMEI number while Device ID2 is the serial number.

Check if Factory Unlocked 1

During my test, i checked three devices and it showed me the correct status for each of them.


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