How to Increase the Font Size in iOS

Does the text seem too small on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Here’s how to increase the font size in Apple’s iOS.

Do you have trouble reading texts or emails on your iPhone or iPod touch? The small screen size and tiny default font size leave some users needing more. I prefer a larger font just to keep my messaging simple. The larger font feature in iOS affects the font size in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages, Notes, and other apps that are designed to work with it.

Change Font Size on iOS

Check out these two screenshots featuring the large 40 pt. font size compared to the default font size for Messaging in iOS 6. Which of the two would you prefer to have on your iPhone? If you don’t like either, then you’re still in luck because there is a total of seven font sizes to choose from.

To change the font settings in iOS open the Settings menu from the Home Screen. From there browse to General >> Accessibility.

iOS Settings

Within the Accessibility, menu tap the Large Text button.

iOS Accessibility settings

On the Large Text screen, you can choose from seven different sizes including Off which is the default size of 17pt. Tap the size you want and it’s applied instantly, no need to worry about a save button. Just push the Home button to exit back to the main screen and you’re done.

Choose a font size

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