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Photography Composition Tips – Part 1

Photography is not just about holding your camera up to a great scene and snapping away.  You need to think about what you’re looking at and compose a keeper IE: something you and others will enjoy looking at later.  Today’s photography tutorial is the start of a series about composition in photography.  Through these various […]

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Lenses, Lenses and More Lenses

After weeks/months of research, you’ve figured out the perfect camera you’re going to buy next.  So you’ve saved and saved (these are not cheap cameras) and finally plunked down the hard earned cash to bring that baby home.  After taking a few pictures with your new dream camera, however, you realize you now need to […]

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Adobe Lightroom 2 – Oh How I Love Thee

I was looking through some photographs I had recently taken and thought the entire weekend’s worth of photography was a bust.  I was rather bummed out.  I opened up my favorite application, Adobe Lightroom to have a look around.  I started developing some of the shots and found I had a lot more keepers that […]

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Review of Silver Efex Pro by Nik Software

I love black and white photography.  Without the color information to distract you, your eye gets drawn to all the small details and the composition that can sometimes get lost in translation.  I have found that while working on my pictures, some shots I thought weren’t worth keeping turned out to be some of my […]

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Untangle The Memory Card Conundrum

Are all digital memory cards made the same?  Right?  Costco has a sale this week, so if it fits my camera I should just grab it right? This question is one I get all the time from people getting into photography.  The answer, no.  All memory cards are not made equal and as far as […]

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Take Amazing Photographs Using HDR Photography

Most people like to bring a camera on vacation so they can capture the amazing trip for later enjoyment with friends and family back at home. However, have you ever found yourself looking at the photos at home getting ready to upload them to you favorite photo sharing site and thought “Man, these pictures don’t […]

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