Apple TV: How To Get the Latest Updates

To make sure your Apple TV runs smoothly and gets the latest features, you need to apply updates. We previously showed you how to update the Apple TV via iTunes. Here’s how to it directly from the device.

From the main menu go to Settings >> General >> Update Software.

Update Software

The system will let you know there’s an update available. Select Update Now.
Update Now

Now wait while the update is downloaded and applied.

Step 1 Update

Updating directly from the Apple TV takes several minutes – especially over WiFi.

Applying Updates

After the updates have been applied, it goes back to the main menu.

Main Menu

To verify the update was successful, check the version of the software. Go to Settings >> General >> About.

About Apple TV

Here you’ll see the version next to Apple TV Software.


If you apply updates directly from the Apple TV, you won’t lose your saved settings. But if you can deal applying your settings again, updating it via iTunes is faster.

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1 Comment

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