Send Video to Your HDTV from Android Devices with HDMI-Out

If you aren’t a fan of using WiFi to send video to your HDTV from Android devices, you can get quality connections with HDMI-Out, and cables are cheap.

Use an Android Device as a media center

One of the things I like about the Kindle Fire HD is that it has an HDMI out port. Plenty of other Android tablets and phones also have this. However unlike the HDMI port you typically find on a television or computer monitor, the HDMI out on these mobile devices is a lot smaller. It’s known as HDMI-mini and to use it all we have to do is get a cable that fits.

HDMI Out Cables are Cheap and Easy

When it comes to using the HDMI-out on your Android device there are two options. The first is to pick up a HDMI-mini cable that has one end that will fit into the television while the other end will fit into the mobile device. The second option is to use a standard HDMI cable and use an adapter so that one end will fit. Cables usually run sub $10 (depending on length) and the adapters are often less than $5.

Plus these cables are ready to support the new 4K resolution standard.

cable options

Once you have the cable just plug it into the HDMI out slot on the device and then plug the other end into the television. The picture should show up on both, and you can still use the Android to control what’s being displayed. In the case of the Kindle Fire HD this is great because it includes Amazon’s Prime Instant Video streaming, but you can just as easily use Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, or other streaming services that work on anything running Android.

hdmi mini out

That’s all there is to it really. If you have an Android tablet laying around why not plug it into a HDMI cord and use it for streaming media? Just be sure to check your device specifications to see if it’s capable of outputting video in 1080p, because otherwise your picture quality will be subpar.

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1 Comment

  1. Ryan

    I just got ChromeCast. It’s $35. Allows me to stream Netflix, Youtube and Google Movies in 1080p to any TV in my house from either my phone or tablet. Reason being is I don’t have an HDMI out, but this is painless and quality is great

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