Use Alexa for Hands-free Control in Amazon Music App for Android or iOS

Alexa Amazon Music Mobile App

Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, is now included in its mobile Music app for Android and iOS. Here’s how it improves music discovery and playback.

alexa amazon mobile music app

Amazon recently announced that its virtual assistant, Alexa, is now included in its mobile Music app. Now you can use the music app on iOS and Android to play songs using voice commands. Here is a look at how to use this new feature as well as some of the voice commands.

Use Alexa in Amazon’s Music App

Make sure you have the updated version of the Amazon Music App and tap the Alexa button that appears throughout the app. Then you can ask Alexa to play a specific song or band. Not only can you use your voice to play a specific song, you can also request Alexa to play music based on a genre, decade, mood, and more. You can say “Alexa, play music for relaxing,” or “Alexa, play Metallica from the 80s” to hear the band’s first few albums. The image below shows some of the things you can request from Alexa in the Music app.

Alexa Music Commands

Another cool thing you can do is play a song you don’t know the name of, but only the lyrics. For example, you can say “Alexa, play the song that goes: and you give yourself away” and Alexa will play With or Without You from U2. Owners of an Echo device have already had this option, and results will vary based on the song you’re looking for. Still, it’s nice to see consistency with Alexa among all platforms and device form factors.

Alexa Music App Android

This feature is designed to help you out when you aren’t able to concentrate on navigating the app to find the music you want. It works well with Prime Music, but you can add Amazon Music Unlimited for a lot more music options. Currently, the Alexa feature is only available to users of the Amazon Music app in the US, UK, Austria, and Germany.

Alexa seems to be showing up in more and more places all the time. You can find it in more apps, platforms and hardware devices. When it comes to smart digital assistants, Amazon looks to be leading the way.

Are you a fan of Alexa? Does it make using Amazon apps and services easier? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on it, or other virtual assistants from Google, Microsoft, or Apple.

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