How to Add Custom Words to Android Dictionary


The majority of commonly used words in the English language are present in the Android user dictionary. However, there are many words that we commonly use while texting that are not present. Or you might want to add your native or second language to the smartphone. If you want to add custom words to the Android dictionary, here’s how to do it.

Note: I am using Android 2.3.5 on an HTC Explorer Smartphone.

Method 1

Open all apps menu on your android phone and go to Settings.

Add Dictionary Android 1

Or click on Menu button on the Home Screen and tap on Settings.
Add Dictionary Android

In settings, find and tap Language and Keyboard.

Add Dictionary Android 2

Tap on Touch Input option.

Add Dictionary Android 3

Now, look for Personal Dictionary and open it.

Add Dictionary Android 4

Tap on Edit Personal Dictionary to add custom words which can be used while texting or writing email.

Add Dictionary Android 5

Tap on Add New button.

Add Dictionary Android 6

Write the word you want to add to the dictionary and tap OK.

Add Dictionary Android 7

It will add the specific word to the dictionary and will show you all the words you’ve added previously.

Add Dictionary Android 8

Method 2

This method is simpler compared to method one. Open the Messages app or any app where you want to type. I am using the messages app for this. Now, type the word you want to add and it will be underlined if not present in the dictionary. Tap on the word and it will show you word suggestions along with an arrow button. Tap on it.

Add Dictionary Android 9

It will expand the suggestions menu, tap on Add Word.

Add Dictionary Android 10

Write the word you want to add and you are done.

Add Dictionary Android 11

If you use your Android device to do a lot of email and texting, this is a great feature to get more words into the dictionary.



  1. Vishnu

    Useful. :) But phrases and sayings (which are collections of words, For Ex : ”Easier said than done”) are just as important to us when it comes to staying trendy. Are there dictionaries or similar apps which keep a record of phrases too?

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  3. Barry

    Very helpful even though the software version is very outdated.. I was still able to figure it out, even being outdated.

  4. rajesh

    in 2.3.5 version there is no touch input option any suggestions plzzz

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