How to Add USB Flash Storage to Your Amazon Fire TV

If you are an Amazon Fire TV owner, and download a lot of games, you’ll be happy know that you can now expand the storage space of the set-top box.

If you are an Amazon Fire TV owner and download a lot of games, you’ll be happy to know that you can now expand the storage space of the set-top box. This is a long overdue feature, and here’s how to let your Fire TV finally breathe.

But if you download just a few quality game titles, you’ll quickly find that the paltry 8 GB of internal storage is simply not enough. But now, the previously useless USB port on the back of the box can be used to expand its storage space.

manage installed apps

Add External Storage to Fire TV

Before adding a flash drive to your Amazon Fire TV, you should know that Amazon recommends using a USB 3.0 flash drive that’s 128 GB or smaller for best performance. Also, note that external hard drives are not supported.


Plug a flash drive into the USB port on the back of your Fire TV. For this article, I’m using a USB 3.0 64 GB flash drive.

Then, depending on the type of drive you have, you may need to let the Fire TV format it as FAT32. Just select Format USB Drive.

Fire TV FAT32 Needs Format

It just takes a couple of seconds to format, and when it’s done, head to Settings > About > Storage and you’ll see the extra space listed.


To start moving apps to the flash storage, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.

There you’ll see a list of your apps and games and you can go through and move the larger ones to the flash drive.

It just takes a couple of seconds for the game or app to transfer over, and as you’d expect, you can manage them later by moving them between internal and external storage.

move to USB

Adding additional storage is just one of the new features for the Fire TV that Amazon announced last month.

We covered one of the other features last week that you can check out in our article: How to Use Bluetooth Headphones with Fire TV.



  1. Lynwood Jernigan  

    If I have cartoons for kids downloaded on flash drive could I plug into fire tv usb port and watcb with grandkids?

    • Rick  

      Hey Lynwood I know you posted this weeks ago but I was looking for the correct format for the drive and saw your question, yes you can easily play movies off of the flash drive, just use a free app like VLC to access the video files, VLC is an open source video player that plays almost any video format you toss at it. Hope that clarifies things for you.

  2. tom  

    no way to do this with the “stick” version, though

    • Patrick  

      you can if you have gen2 plus and buy an OTA adapter

  3. Scott  

    I have a Fire TV 3rd generation, bought an OTC and USB thumb drive. System doesn’t see the added memory.

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