Funny, Useful & Interesting Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Twitter is not only for political flame wars and pointless trolling. In fact there are many funny and interesting Twitter accounts too. Here are some of them.

Twitter is not just for political flame wars and sports trash talk, believe it or not. There are a great deal many other interesting Twitter accounts which entertain and educate on a daily basis. Today we are going to look at some of them.

Obviously “funny” and “interesting” are objective. What I find funny and interesting may not be your cup of tea. So if you know of anything better to follow on Twitter, please do let us know in the comments.

Funny, Useful & Interesting Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

We’ll start off with funny accounts, because who doesn’t need a laugh these days, with the state of the world?



This is actually a very cool startup business success story. Matthew Nelson started up the Twitter account Dog Rates, where dog pictures and videos are rated by him. The whole thing skyrockets, and he realizes he has a big thing on his hands. So he drops out of college, monetizes the business, and now he gets 6,000 submissions everyday.

If you love dogs, you will love Dog Rates. I have submitted my dog several times, but no bites yet (no pun intended).


In my opinion, Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest actors ever. His Deadpool character is enough to reduce me to tears of uncontrollable laughter. So when Reynolds gets onto Twitter, you can be sure of a good laugh or ten.


This one will appeal to all the writers out there, as well as English teachers, grammar nerds, and book lovers. AP Style is a style of writing demanded by some employers and editors, but FakeAPStylebook cranks the humor up to 15 by coming up with all kinds of hilarious grammar rules.

I also have the book, and I laughed like crazy for days afterward. We writers are a weird bunch, I guess. This Twitter account is not updated often, but when they do add something, it is worth it. But don’t read it if you are easily offended.

Interesting and Educational Twitter Accounts

Let’s now take a look at some interesting and educational Twitter accounts.

Atlas Obscura

If you like to read about weird and interesting places in the world and quirky trivia, then Atlas Obscura is for you. You are guaranteed to find something here to pique your interest. It does a nice feature on abandoned ghostly properties.

Long Reads

I particularly like Long Reads and recommend it to many people. Thanks to the Internet, people skim articles rather than read them properly. Long Reads tries to bring back the love of long storytelling by linking to online articles that take more than 5 minutes to read.


If there is one government agency that has wholeheartedly embraced the Internet, it is NASA. What they have put online is just breathtaking, and their website is a treasure trove for anyone with even a remote interest in space. Their high-definition photos taken by satellites and spacecraft make wonderful photos and desktop wallpaper.

National Geographic

National Geographic has been around for the past 130 years, so most likely, you know someone with a subscription to the magazine. Like all other media publications, however, National Geographic has made full use of the Internet to widen its coverage of the natural world, especially with the use of videos and other interactive content.

BBC World

Finally, I can’t finish the article without providing a shoutout to my native country’s national broadcaster. The BBC has been around since 1922 and was a beacon of hope to everyone in Nazi-occupied Europe during the war who wanted “real news.”

So if you are tired of the CNN/Fox News combo, and are looking for a foreign broadcaster with a reputation for impartiality, try the BBC. It drove Joseph Goebbels wild with rage. That should count for something.


As I said at the beginning, funny and interesting mean different things to different people. So if you know of anything that you think is funnier and more interesting, let us know about them in the comments below.



  1. Agnetha Kelleher

    October 20, 2018 at 6:55 am

    I love dogs but I can’t stand Ryan Reynolds!

  2. MerryMarjie

    October 21, 2018 at 11:42 am

    I checked out your recommendation of FakeAPStylebook and they haven’t had a tweet since February of 2017. You’ll find some funny and ironic tweets from @TweetsofOld by R.L. Ripples, though, and it’s updated once or twice a day. They take one-liners from old newspapers and relate them to today’s situations.

  3. carmen

    October 22, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    I sometimes find “History In Pictures” interesting:


    “Sharing the most powerful and entertaining historical photographs ever taken.”

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