Siri: Tweet and Post to Facebook in iOS 6 from Lock Screen

Siri in iOS 6 lets you post to Twitter and Facebook from the Lock Screen. While a great feature, set it correctly to avoid privacy concerns.

iOS 6 introduces a cool feature that lets you tweet and post to Facebook from the Lock Screen using Siri. While this adds a layer of convenience, it also introduces a privacy and security problem. You don’t want someone passing by to grab your iDevice and send out random messages.

First I’ll show you how the new Siri feature works in iOS, then how to disable the feature in Passcode Lock Settings.

Tweet and Post to Facebook from iOS 6 Lock Screen

While at the Lock Screen on your iOS 6 device, hold down the Home button to launch Siri.

Launch Siri in iOS 6

Then tell Siri you want to tweet a message or post to Facebook.

Tweet from Siri

Speak the message you want to send, and Siri will send it off.

Siri Post to Facebook

Disable Siri with Passcode Lock Setting

To disable Siri’s ability to send posts from the Lock Screen, you’ll first need to enable a Lock Screen Passcode. Go to Settings >> General >> Turn Passcode On.

Passcode Lock

Type in a passcode to unlock the screen, or if you want to be extra secure, create a strong alphanumeric Passcode.

Set Passcode

After setting you Passcode, turn Off Siri’s access when the Screen is locked. While you’re at it, you can also disable the Picture Frame feature too.

Turn Off Siri Lock Screen Access

Now Siri will no longer be accessible from the Lock Screen.

Siri Access Disabled

If you don’t disable Siri’s access, tweets and Facebook messages can still be sent. Even if you set a Passcode for the Lock Screen.

Tweet still Accessible

The ability to use Siri to send a Tweet or Facebook post from the Lock Screen is convenient. But if your device is left unattended, it’s very important to turn off its acces.

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