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Windows Phone 7 Comparison Chart

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices are officially on sale in the United States and elsewhere.  Samsung, LG, HTC, and even Dell have jumped in and created phones for all of the major carriers, but with all of the choices available it brings up an important question.  That is, if you’re going to get a Windows […]

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Google Android Score

How To Determine Your Android System Score

Android is a fairly young OS in the phone market, but it is maturing rapidly.  Some are forecasting it will overtake the iPhone as quickly as Q2 2011.  Anyway, as more devices come loaded with Android, you’ll find a huge variety in the hardware that Android runs on. So, want to know how your device’s […]

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Android building statues

The Gingerbread Has Arrived

Each time there is a release of a new Android operating system version, Google has also come up with a dessert related nickname.  As of last week, the Gingerbread has landed…     In front of the Android office at the Googleplex they’ve lined up giant statues that match the nickname of each version of […]

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