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5 Free Self-Hosting WordPress Alternatives

By now most people know WordPress as the most popular content management system (CMS) around. It’s free, customizable, and has tons of plugins. But, one thing about the internet is there’s always plenty of options for those who like to be different. Here’s my top 5 WordPress alternatives for bloggers and web developers alike.

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WLW Error

Windows Live Writer: Retrieve Old WordPress Posts

When you try to retrieve a WordPress post older than the 100 most recent, Windows Live Writer gives you an error. Until the Windows Live team addresses the issue, you can use the following fix. You’ll need Windows Live Writer, a website running WordPress and any web browser except for Google Chrome. First install WLWDownloader […]

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Remove the Annoying WordPress Admin Bar

How to Remove the Annoying WordPress Admin Bar

The last WordPress update introduced a new feature, the admin bar.  By default, the admin bar is enabled; probably so encourage users to take it for a test drive.  But, I’ve found that it is quite annoying and it slows down performance while browsing my blogs if I’m logged in.  With that said, the WordPress […]

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WordPress Updates to 3.1

In their debut 14th release, WordPress calls the new version “Reinhardt.”  With this update WordPress has fixed over 800 bugs, and taken the leap from blogging software to a basic Content Management System (CMS).   Don’t panic if you can’t get it up and running right away, this release doesn’t contain any security fixes.  But, there […]

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Harden WordPress Security By Moving wp-config.php to a Non-public Folder

In case you haven’t been acquainted yet, let me introduce you to your wp-config.php file. If you run a self-hosted blog, your wp-config.php contains your MySQL database username, your MySQL database password, your WordPress authentication keys and other sensitive information. With this information, a hacker or script kiddie gets access to every piece of […]

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Moving Install to another directory

How to Move a WordPress Installation to a New Directory

I’m a compulsive re-organizer. Every now and then, I just completely re-arrange my office furniture to shake things up. Same goes for my WordPress blog location. Recently, I moved my WordPress blog from to It was relatively easy. But there are some important steps you should remember when moving WordPress sites to a […]

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