Google Calendar is Getting a New Meeting Reschedule Feature

Google continues to help make scheduling meetings with members of your organization an easier process with a new rescheduling feature.

Google today announced it is rolling out a new meeting rescheduling feature for Google Calendar for its G Suite users. The new feature is meant to make it easier for users and event organizers schedule meetings and other events without much hassle. Here is an early look at what you can expect when it rolls out later next month.

Rescheduling Meetings in Google Calendar

If you have a large organization, when it comes to scheduling a meeting, it can be a tedious process, but Google is trying to make things easier with new additions to Calendar. A couple weeks ago the company added Out of Office Mode to Calendar. It helps your coworkers know when you’re not available to respond to requests or accept meetings. And today’s announced new feature will help your organization manage meetings, too. “Now, each guest invited to a meeting can propose a new time and the organizer can easily review and accept time proposals,” Google notes the announcement.

In addition to having the option to select “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” for a proposed meeting or event, there is a new option to “propose a new time” and even send a message to the event organizer. In turn, the organizer can accept the proposed time with a single click. Guests who have calendar access permissions will be able to view all other attendees’ availability, too. Overall, this should provide better communication between the team and find times that are most convenient for everyone. You have a central location to see where everyone is at with their schedule, and won’t need to contact each person individual via email, text, or chat.

The new rescheduling feature works with G Suite domains and with Microsoft Exchange and is available on the web now. And it will start rolling out to mobile starting August 13th. Between this and the Out of Office feature for Google Calendar, it should be easier to get your team together for important meetings and events.

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