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Increase Windows Explorer Shell Stability and Speed

Here is a quick tutorial on How-To configure Windows XP to run Windows Explorer at optimal settings.  This info is useful if you are on an older PC or if you just like to have the best performance possible.  Granted, it’s just one of many “tuning” settings, but hey, every little bit helps.   Along […]

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Take a ScreenShot or Screen Capture in Windows XP

Unlike Windows Vista, Windows XP doesn’t have a great screen snipping tool.  That being the case, it’s still possible to take Screen Shots, Screen Capture or Screen Snip in Windows XP; it’s just not as easy OR sexy. Using the process below, I’ll demonstrate a few ways to capture virtually any image you see on […]

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Remove The Windows Recycle Bin From Your Desktop

As useful as the Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin might be, if you’re like me… (sorry, didn’t mean to scare anyone) it’s one of those “things” which rarely gets used if “ever.” Rather than ignore it, here’s a simple step by step “How-To” remove it from your desktop. (more…)

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