Invite a Friend to Google Voice

Now you can get a Google Voice account while you can before they’re available to the general public.

Good news to all the readers who want a Google Voice account. Starting 8/13/09, Google announced they would be adding the option for existing Google Voice users to send invites to the service. They also said they will be increasing the number of being sent out for those who have signed up for an invite (just in case you don’t know anyone with a Google Voice account.)

Google Voice Invitation ScreenshotFor the first stage of the program, all existing Google Voice users will have three invites each via a link under the Google Voice Inbox. Google said this would slowly increase. Apparently, it’s going to work the same way as Gmail accounts a few years back.

Similar to the best email addresses on Gmail, the best phone #s I’m sure will go fast so now is the time to start sending out emails to friends/family to secure your invite to the service. Granted, I don’t think these will be as hot as a account. However, I think, in the end, they will become more useful.


Between groovyDexter and I, we should have 6 Invites (at least.)  If you want one, drop your email address in the comments field below along with a groovy story.



  1. logon

    Me Please! Email –

    I deserve this because I’m a faithfull reader AND, i’m the first to ask!!!!

    • MrGroove

      You were first so good point. ;)

      • Katherine


        Not sure if you have any left, but I could really use one for my new business venture. It would be much appreciated!


        • MrGroove

          I DO have invites left. I’ll send you an email to confirm the email address you posted on this comment.

      • logon

        Thanks for the invite! Forgot to send the “thank you” email until today. Using it for the last week and it rocks!

  2. Joe

    I’ve got Google Wave invites, will trade ya for a Google Voice Invite.

    • MrGroove

      SOLD – I’ll send you an email and we can do the SWAP.

      • MrGroove

        Thanks again for the Google Wave invite! Just received it and my account is now up and running!

  3. idgetman05

    Do you guys by chance still have a invite left over for voice i have been waitng seems like for ever to get one but i guess google hates me :) if you have one i woul love to take it off your hands. Thanks again and love the site!

    • MrGroove

      I do. I’ll send you an email to confirm the address. Congrats!

  4. Thomas

    I was wondering if you still have any google voice invites? I just got an invite to Google Wave and I would love to try out Google Voice. I’ve been faithful to google since Gmail invites were up for $50 on Ebay! lol
    My email is
    I would very much appreciate an invite :D

    • MrGroove

      Yes we do. I just sent you an email to confirm the email address and that you do still need an invite.

  5. Thomas

    Got my invite! Thank you very much! Wave invites headin’ your way when available!

    • Thomas

      @Thomas, And OMFG! Google Voice is truly a wonderful app! :D

      • MrGroove

        Yeah it’s pretty good. It has a lot of good Use Cases!

  6. Algae

    I would LOVE a Google Voice invite…thanks for the consideration…and, cool site, I just subscribed!

    • MrGroove

      Your in luck! I still have more invites. I will send you an email to confirm the one on this comment is accurate. Just reply to it and I’ll shoot you the invite! Unlike Google wave, the invite usually comes over immediately. – Congrats!

  7. MrGroove

    Me Please!!! I could use a 2nd account! ;)

  8. MrGroove


  9. Algae

    You're AWESOME…I got it & it's all set up! Thanks again!

  10. Indranil

    Hi, I was wondering whether you have any more Google Voice invites left?
    My email address is

    Thanks, by the way, for the informative in-depth posts about Google Voice!

  11. Rex

    Hello I see this has been out for a while but if you have any invites left or the limit has increased please offer me one. I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

  12. Rex

    oh yeah since it didnt post the e-mail it is

  13. Tom

    I just got a Droid and would love to use google voice on it if anyone has an invite. I would greatly appreciate it and share my invites here also.

  14. MrGroove

    Hi Indranild – Congrats! I do have a few left! I'll send you an email to confirm the address above.

  15. Indranil

    Awesome! Thank you so much! Can't wait for it :)

  16. Indranil

    Thank you so so so so much for the invite! It's set up and running! :D It looks awesome!

  17. kevin c

    would love to try out google voice, do you have any invites left? great site.

  18. MrGroove

    The invites went fast. Any other readers have invites?

  19. MrGroove

    your welcome

  20. marmadmax

    My wife and I recently moved to AZ from IL and are both currently unemployed. Out cell phones (AT&T) work fine EXCEPT at home where we have zero bars of service. I have been looking for a free VOIP service so we keep in touch with family and friends we left behind in IL. I have signed up with Google for an invitation but if you could spare a Google Voice invite it be a great help. PS, I am a new subscriber to your newsletter and love it. Thank you.

  21. MrGroove

    Hey there

    Welcome to the site. Unfortunatly I'm all out of google voice invites
    however a few other readers might have one they can send your way.

    Give it a few days or post your request in our forum. There are many
    readers active in ther who might be able to assist ya.

  22. danjinc

    If anyone has any voice invites i'd be more than happy to trade a wave invite for one.

  23. MrGroove

    Moving forward. If you need a Google Voice invite. Please goto this link. READ THE POST and follow the rules for a google voice invite!


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