Secure Your Data by Enabling the Passcode Lock Password on Your iPhone

How to Add a password to your iphoneIt’s probably the easiest thing you can do to protect your electronic life on the internet.  Unfortunately however, very few people I know actually Enable a Password or Pin on their Mobile Devices.  I say this because I have yet to pick up a phone from a friend and see it with the Password Lock enabled (including my wife!).

Why is this so important?  Just imagine you lose your phone or leave it at a friends house by accident.  What kind of information is just sitting there waiting for someone start reading or abusing?  Email?  TXT’s? WiFi Access? Calendar information?  Facebook?  Naked pictures of Paris Hilton?  (sorry… couldn’t resist).  Shall I go on?  No, I think you get the point. Let’s get started and setup that Passcode lock on your phone!

Earlier we published a groovyPost explaining how-to add a Password Lock to Android Mobile devices and today were going to review the same steps for the iPhone.  All iPhone users should read and follow along with if you have not yet secured your phone with a pin!

Step 1

Go grab your iPhone.  I’ll wait here…

No Seriously.  Go grab your iPhone….  Ok good.  Now we can start!

Step 1a

Click Settings, General

iphone - click settingsiphone click general

Step 2

Click Passcode Lock to enter all the Security settings of the iPhone (well… most of them anyway).

iphone - click passcode lock

Step 3

Once your on the Passcode Lock screen, the first thing you should do is set the Passcode.  Do this by Clicking the Turn Passcode On button as shown below.

iphone - turn passcode on

Now granted, that is just the first thing you should do.  I would also recommend lowering the Require Passcode After setting 5 minutes.  This setting controls how long the phone can remain idle before it will require a passcode to use it again.  This is important for those times when you leave your phone on your desk in class or drop it at the airport.

If your REALLY paranoid, you can also set the Erase Data option which will Erase all data on the phone after 10 failed attempts to unlock your phone.  Yeah…  Be careful with that one.


Security is like insurance.  You really don’t want it until the day you need it (kind of like the police on the freeway).  There’s nothing convenient about Security as it usually just adds time or complexity to whatever your doing (I’m thinking of the airport) and adding Security on your iPhone is no different.  That being said, the standard pin on an iPhone is only 4 digits which is just fine for keeping out 99.9% of the people who might find your phone or slip it out of your backpack.  4 digits!  That’s not so bad is it?  After-all, at least you won’t need to take off your belt and shoes each time you want to use it right!



  1. Koutheir Attouchi

    (fortunately…) I don’t own an iPhone, and I think that the Android Lock Pattern ( is much more natural and yet secure way to lock my phone.
    Anyway thank you for the good notice! People do need this basic security form.

    • MrGroove

      Hey thanks for that. I forgot to link to our Android Article groovyDexter wrote about a few months back –

      Will update the article now.

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