How to Block Calls with Google Voice

Block Calls Google VoiceIf you read my earlier post lamenting the onslaught of random callers with the wrong number dialing me on my iPhone, you’ll already know that the methods for blocking calls with the iPhone for free are only semi-satisfying at best. This is yet another reason why you should seriously switch to Google Voice, especially now that the App Store has approved the official . Google Voice gives you much greater control over your incoming calls, including the ability to block callers by number (for free). Here’s how:

Step 1

Log in to your Google Voice account.

Step 2

Scroll down to the number you want to block. If they didn’t leave a voicemail, you can find them in the received calls or missed calls.

Step 3

Click More and choose Block Caller.

Block Calls Google Voice

Step 4

You’ll be given the opportunity to confirm and listen to the “Not in service” that this particular caller will receive. Click Block.

Block Calls Google Voice

Alternately, you can mark a call as spam by checking it and choosing Report Spam. When you do this, the call will immediately go to voicemail and the call will be stored in your Spam folder.

Block Calls Google Voice

To unblock a number, say, if you want to give your cheating ex a second chance (not recommended), you can find all your blocked contacts in the Spam folder. Select the call and click Not Spam or click More and choose Unblock caller.

Block Calls Google Voice

And that’s all there is to it (do I end every tutorial with that phrase?). I really recommend switching to Google Voice and only giving out your Google Voice number. It’s all I put on my business card, and it’s definitely what I put into forms where I might accidentally be signing up for telemarketing. In this way, you can block calls one by one without paying $5 a month to AT&T.



  1. SiRu

    Never thought this is possible.
    Thank you for sharing this information, now I got some work (need to block some) :D

    • MrGroove

      Excellent! Glad you found it handy!

  2. guynowadays

    That was great. I love it. Thanks for sharing this info.

  3. Amanda Mills

    Is there a way to add someone when you first download google voice without having to wait for them to call again?

  4. logicman

    Block call is NOT a choice on my ‘more’ menu …. howcome you’re special? (in other words, what am I doing wrong? :)

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