How to Customize Microsoft Office Color Theme on Mac

Microsoft Office for Mac allows you to change the Color Theme between a few options. Here’s how to customize the theme.

Microsoft Office for Mac allows you to personalize the Office Theme between two different options. However, unlike its Windows counterpart, the options are somewhat limited. Keep in mind, changes to the Theme will apply to all Office 2016 and higher for Mac apps, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

Customize Microsoft Office Color Theme on Mac

Step 1. Open an Office 2016 for the Mac. In my example, I’ll use Word. Click Word > Preferences

office 2016 for Mac change color theme

Step 2. Click General

office 2016 for mac - click general

Step 3. Under Personalize, click the Office theme dropdown. Choose between Colorful or Classic.

office 2016 for mac Office Theme

As I mentioned earlier, the options are very minimal when it comes to changing the Color Theme. It’s basically White or Blue. Being that the new Mac Office Suite was just released. Hopefully, Microsoft will add a few more themes soon.



  1. D.

    I wish they’d release a black theme, or something with more darker elements…

    • om

      same request here

  2. Souvik Roy

    Thanks :)

  3. Henk

    I wish it will be possible to get rid of the ridiculous toolbars.

    I . just . want . 1 . toolbar , with . the . buttons . I . need !!!.

    Not ALL the possibilities Word offers. NOT 8-10 tabs of buttons. No window title bar. Nice to have, but for most work it takes TOO MUCH place.

    The nicest feature in office 2011 was the “Focus” view. No cluster, just some general functions. And now thats gone. AAAAAH !

    Stop making software, until you get it.

    • kevin

      ME TOO — since the ribbon first came out – I use a macro to assist in v14, but now I cant even have a bar under the ribbon with what I need – MS is useless!!!

  4. Andrew

    I dont have the personalise option in preferences>general. Mine just shows Folder List and Default Application.

    Any ideas?

  5. Brian

    “Unlike its Windows counterpart, the options are fairly limited.” Applies to literally everything in the Mac version of Outlook. It is a garbage application.

    • Dean Lewis

      I AGREE. It is unreal how bad it is.

  6. Paul Sherman

    I second the motion, Dean Lewis. There MUST be an Office theme called, for example, “High Contrast – Black” otherwise authors and educators with glaucoma or other low vision troubles will not take the iMac seriously for their academic work. This is a HUGE potential market to be ignored.

  7. eyeofdali

    I just need my OWN custom toolbar to show in COLOR—AT LEAST with enough contrast to easily see the icon shape without zooming/ ‘squinting.’ Oh! I can do that by using the “White Theme?” Oh. No. Not on a Mac. It’s ridiculous. That’s another whole market to get frustrated…and it IS!

  8. Kevin Harrison

    The frustration of deleting emails because you cant really see the one you are on. This needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

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