How to Create a Podcast Station in the Apple Podcasts App

Podcasts are hot and can be quite addicting. And using the Stations feature on iOS provides a convenient way to filter and organize all your favorites.

Apple has created a great podcasts app for users of its iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. And one of the helpful features it has is the ability to create podcast stations. This is good if you’re a podcast connoisseur and are looking for a way to better manage the shows based on their content. Here is a look at how you can create podcast stations and allow them to sync between all your Apple devices.

Create a Podcast Station on Apple Podcasts

To create your podcast station, launch the app on your iPhone or iPad and head to the Library section. Then tap the “Edit” button.

1 Podcast Stations

Next, under the Library section, select the “New Station” option.

Then type in a name for your station – something that helps you know what content material is about and tap the “Save” button.

Your new station is created, and you will see a list of different station settings like grouping, episodes, media types (audio or video), and more. But to get your station going, you need to first add some shows, so tap “Choose Podcasts” at the bottom of the list.

Now, go through your library of subscribed podcasts and tap each one you want to include in the station. A small check mark will appear next to each title and when finished tap Done.

Go through the same steps to create as many different stations as you want. Your created stations will appear under the Library section as well as the number of podcasts included in each station.

Another important thing to note here is that after creating your stations on the iPhone or iPad, they will show up on your Apple TV, too.

Podcast Stations Apple TV

If you decide you no longer want a station, head into the station’s settings and tap the “Delete Station” option at the bottom of the list.

delete podcast station

That’s all there is to it. Whether you’re new to podcasts or a long-time listener, this is a helpful feature to have. In the end, creating podcast stations is similar to creating playlists for your music. It helps you organize and filter your favorite podcast subscriptions for hours of listening to your favorite topics.

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