How to Create a PIN to Sign in to Your Chromebook

While you can log into your Chromebook using your Google password all the time, an easier option is using a PIN. Here’s how to set it up.

When you initially set up your Chromebook, you use your Google account credentials, which, of course, includes your password. But entering in your long password every time can get tedious. Luckily, Google allows you to log in using a PIN instead of your account password. The result is similar to using a PIN to log on to a Windows 10 PC. Here is a look at how you can create a PIN to log into your Chromebook instead of your Google account password.

Create a PIN Sign-in Chromebook

To set up a PIN to sign in, head to Settings > Device > Screen lock.

Chromebook Sign-in

Then you will need to type in your password again and select PIN or password under the “Screen lock and sign-in options” section and then the “Set up PIN” button.

Then you enter in the PIN number you want to use – which must be at least six digits, not just four like you’d expect. And it’s also worth mentioning that you can make your PIN longer than six digits — which is good for extra security for your Chromebook. You will need to type in your new PIN twice.

Enter your PIN Chromebook

Sign In With PIN

Now, the next time you log in, you will see a number pad to type in your PIN. You can enter it in via your keyboard, hitting the numbers via the touchpad, or, if you have a touchscreen, you can tap in your code. Of course, you can still use your regular password if you want as well.

After setting up a PIN, the sign-in screen will display a number pad, but you can still type your password if you want.

If you need to change the PIN in the future, you can go back to Settings > Screen lock and sign-in and hit the “Change PIN” button and type in your new PIN just like you did when setting it up the first time.

If you don’t have your Android phone connected to your Chromebook to use the Smart Unlock feature, using a PIN offers another easier way to unlock it. It comes in handy when you’re going in and out of your Chromebook often — and especially if you use the Sleep Lock feature. That will require you to enter a PIN each time you close the Chromebook to put it to sleep (closing the lid). Using the Sleep Lock feature helps keep unwanted people from using your Chromebook.

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