How to Block Websites in Chrome

Do you want to stop certain websites in Google Chrome? Here are a few ways to do it.

There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering blocking certain websites while you’re using Google Chrome. Certain websites can lower your productivity, while others are simply unsafe for you or others to view.

If you need to block websites in Chrome, the best method is to use a Chrome extension to block the websites for you. Here’s how to block websites in Chrome using this method.

Using the BlockSite Chrome Extension

For most users, the easiest way to block websites in Chrome is to use a Chrome extension called BlockSite. This site-blocking extension has been installed by over 1 million users and it’s still one of the best to use.

To start, install the BlockSite extension. Once installed, BlockSite will ask you for permission to access your site data, which it needs to block sites.

Press the Agree button in the tab that opens automatically to agree to this.

Approving permissions for the Block Site extension

Once approved, Chrome will immediately open the BlockSite settings page.

In the Enter a web address box in the Block Sites tab, type a website you wish to block (for instance, and press enter.

Adding a blocked site to a BlockSite blocklist in Chrome

The site will then appear in your Blocked Sites list immediately below in the Blocked Sites list.

To remove a site from your blocklist in the future, press the red remove button next to the entry.

Removing a blocked site in BlockSite on Chrome

You can also block a website quickly by pressing the BlockSite extension icon in the top-right on a loaded website. In the drop-down menu that appears, press the Block this site button.

Quickly blocking a site using BlockSite in Chrome

It’s also possible to quickly enable or disable the BlockSite filter by pressing the slider next to the BlockSite logo in the top-left in the BlockSite settings page.

The BlockSite enable button in Chrome

If you need to access your BlockSite blocklist in the future, you can press the BlockSite extension icon in the top-right of the Chrome window and clicking the Edit block site lists button.

The Chrome BlockSite extension Edit block sites list option

Alternatively, press the Chrome settings icon > More Tools > Extensions > BlockSite Details button > Extension options to bring up the options menu.

Using the BlockSite Work Mode Setting

Safety isn’t the only reason why you might want to block websites. For productivity reasons, you might want to use the BlockSite work mode setting to certain block websites while you’re working.

This will block sites for 25-minute periods, with a five-minute break added afterwards. To enable this, press the BlockSite extension icon in the top-right, then press the Settings cog icon.

The BlockSite settings cog

In the BlockSite settings tab, press the Work Mode tab on the left.

The BlockSite Work Mode tab

To add new websites to your work blocklist, type an address into the Enter a web address box and press enter.

Adding a site to the BlockSite Work Mode blocklist

Once there are items in your work blocklist, press the BlockSite extension icon, then click the Work Mode tab.

To start the block timer, press the Start button.

Starting the BlockSite Work Mode timer

This will activate the BlockSite blocking using your Work Mode blocklist. As we’ve mentioned, this blocking is temporary and will last for 25 minutes before a five-minute break.

If you need to pause it at any point before that, press the BlockSite extension icon > Work Mode tab, then press Pause.

Pausing a BlockSite work timer

You’ll need to confirm if you truly want to pause the timer—press Pause again to confirm.

Pausing a work timer in BlockSite on Chrome

If you need to reset the timer at any point, press the BlockSite extension icon > Work Mode > Reset timer button. You’ll need to pause the timer first before you can reset it.

Resetting a BlockSite work timer

Staying Safe Using Google Chrome

How you decide to use Chrome is up to you but remember, not every website you visit is safe, useful, or productive to view. Blocking websites in Chrome is just one way to improve internet safety in your home.

You can also use the Family Safety features included with Windows 10 that, among other things, allows you to block access to certain websites across your entire device. Let us know your tips for staying safe in Chrome in the comments section below.

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