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Based in rural Minnesota, Brian Burgess is a senior editor at groovyPost with an extensive background in the IT field. His journey into technology began with a college degree in Computer and Network Management, which paved the way for a 15-year career in the tech sector. During this time, he worked as a network and database administrator for notable companies, including IBM, State Farm, and Lake Region Electric Cooperative.

Transitioning from IT to tech journalism over 15 years ago, Brian discovered his true passion in writing about consumer technology. During this time, Brian has written thousands of expert-level tutorials on Windows, Android, iOS, video streaming services, and a broad spectrum of tech-related topics. This expertise has been showcased not only at groovyPost but also through his contributions to respected tech sites, including How-To Geek, InformationWeek, Byte, and GeekRumor. His informative how-to guides reach millions of users each month, solidifying his status as a key voice in the tech community.

In addition to his writing career, Brian is also a producer for the No Agenda podcast, hosted by Adam Curry and John C Dvorak.

When not immersed in the latest tech trends, Brian can be found strumming his guitar, indulging in episodes of Star Trek, or participating in faith-based seminars. His diverse interests and expertise make him a versatile and knowledgeable voice in the technology community.

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