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Run A Program In Windows 7 Compatibility Mode [How-To]

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If you have older applications that you need to run, Windows 7 has a compatibility mode feature that can help you get it working.  Applications dating all the way back to Windows 95 or Windows 98 now have a chance at working in Windows 7, but I imagine this will be most useful for older XP and Vista programs.


You can adjust compatibility settings from the program’s shortcut or from the executable file itself.  I prefer using the shortcut method, it gets the same job done and there is less of a chance of messing something up.  Let’s get to work!


How To Run A Program In Windows 7 Using Compatibility Mode


1.  Right-Click your program shortcut then Click Properties from the context menu.


how to access the shortcut properties for a windows 7 shortcut


2.  Click the Compatibility tab, and now you

how to view the compatibility information for a windows 7 program


That all there is to it!

There’s still a few details to cover, but they aren’t something you’ll always run into.


MSI files are not capable of running in a manually selected compatibility mode, instead Windows 7 will automatically choose the best “Previous version of Windows” to run the program with.

how to view compatibility information for a windows 7 msi file


You can change compatibility for all users on a computer by pressing the Change settings for all users button.  If you are going to do it make sure you Click the button first because the All Users setting is an entirely separate window of its own.  Compatibility for all users will not import settings from the main compatibility window.

how to adjust compatibilty settings for all windows 7 users


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