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Take a Screen Shot with your iPhone or iPod Touch [Quick-Tip]

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In a previous How-To, I used an iPod Touch and iPhone to take screenshots for the How-To pictures.  Since then quite a few people including MrGroove, have noticed that these were original images sent in a few emails.  So, how is this done? Without further ado, here is a quick tutorial on how to do that for yourself.


Here is how you take a screenshot from your iPhone or iTouch.


1. Whip out your iDevice and place your fingers on both the Home button located on the front of the screen (the one with a square inside of it) and the Sleep/Wake button located on the top side of your device.  Simultaneously Press both the Home and the Sleep/Wake buttons.  The screen should flash white and make a noise.

iPod Touch and iPhone screenshot buttons


2. Browse to your Photo Albums to see your screenshots!  If you want to, you can e-mail them from here using the e-mail button on the bottom left.

iPhone and iPod touch screenshot photo album ipod touch and iphone screenshot


All done!


Enjoy taking all the groovy screenshots on your groovy iPhone or iPod Touch.  This procedure will work at any time while running any app, so go screen shot crazy!

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  1. Hong Richarson March 8, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

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  2. realist April 16, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Very nice, but is there a way of taking screenshots of those pesky scrolling screens without swiping back and forth or even an app that can either take a photo or write to a PDF somewhere on the iPhone?

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