Windows 10 Update Message Interrupts Live Weather Report

During a live weather report on the evening news, a meteorologist was blindsided by the Windows 10 nag screen blowing in from the west.

It’s Friday so we thought we’d share something that’s funny. Well, it’s funny depending on how you look at it. During a live weather report on the evening news at KCCI in Des Moines, Iowa the Windows 10 upgrade reminder message made an appearance.

The short video below shows what happened during the live broadcast.

Personally, I think the meteorologist did an excellent job of dealing with the situation, but tech geeks it’s humorous situation.

The Windows 10 Upgrade Nag Isn’t Always Funny

While the video above makes for a nice live news blooper, it’s not funny to a lot of people still running Windows 7 and always getting this update nag screen. Microsoft has been quite aggressive with its push to get everyone on Windows 10 as soon as possible.

However, not everyone can upgrade due to specific software or hardware they can only run on Windows 7. There are workarounds for legacy software, but some users simply don’t want to upgrade and are tired of seeing the annoying message.

We’ve looked at different ways of stopping the upgrade notification, but Microsoft keeps sending out updates that make them ineffective.

If you want the annoying update message to stop, at the time of this writing, the best utility we recommend is Never 10 from security guru Steve Gibson.

What are your thoughts on this video and the aggressive strategy that Microsoft has implemented with the Windows 10 update? Leave a comment below and let us know.



  1. Dave May

    April 29, 2016 at 6:45 am

    Long a Microsoft fan (my first purchase was 8K BASIC for the Altair 8800 in 1976), I’m now getting a jaundiced view of this company. I don’t enjoy being virtually forced into upgrading my OS every two years when operationally, everything I want to do on my computers hasn’t changed since XP. I welcomed Windows 95 and later 98. I later struggled through Millenium and put up with Vista, then became happy with Windows 7, the system I’m using on this laptop since I cannot upgrade it due to hardware restrictions. I have never been a gamer, and I think touch screens are dirty and even unsanitary. I am considered expert with all MS Office applications but resented the inconvenient learning curve that came with Office 7 when operationally, there was no visible advantage to the introduction of the ribbon except having to learn where everything is that I needed to accomplish what I was previously totally familiar with. Office 2003 more than satisfied the needs of more than 90% of users. I did upgrade to Windows 10 on my main PC, but I find nothing that I can’t do without and haven’t done without for years. I don’t talk to Cortana, don’t use touch screens, and have gone back to Firefox rather than EDGE. I see automatic upgrades far too frequently, and some of them required my resetting options I had previously chosen. I am offended and frustrated at the intrusion of MS into my computer. Perhaps the fact that I’m 78 years old has something to do with my frustration, but I’m still very active on my computers, I earned an MCP certification and have written many successful software programs, I do music composition and custom Office applications. I have written in machine language, assembly language, BASIC interpreter, Quick BASIC and Visual BASIC languages from MS. Yes, I needed your operating system and was glad for your development software, but I don’t need daily ‘help’ and am capable of asking when I do, and of finding it. Please stay away. E-mail is acceptable if you have something new and meaningful to offer.

  2. James

    April 29, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Pretty much agree with Dave.
    Dave – you need to recognise that you ran your copy of windows-XP and of Windows-7 on your PC.
    The new philosopic attude of Microsoft is that
    Microsoft will allow you to use Microsoft’s copy of Windows-10 on your PC.

    It ain’t your OS – not even in practical terms anymore.

    I support some users who have hardware and applications that run under XP – but not under 7 or 10.
    Microsoft have not only stopped ongoing support for XP –
    (A not unreasonable action – well it wouldn’t be unreasonable if the windows-XP OS was not, as at April 2014, still riddled with gaping security gaps and openings for malware.)

    – But Microsoft seem to have been actively expending staff effort and spending money to remove all the support that was previously in place for Windows-XP.

    If you want (well need) to reset a PC back to the shipped OEM instance and licence of XP – well Microsoft systems won’t communicate with systems running versions of IE older than version 8 (probably 11 now. or soon!), but – you cannot get 8 to install until you have the XP system fixed – and without IE8 you cannot get Microsoft systems to communicate with Windows Update on your system to get and install the fixes.

    (OK for those with some technical background – there is the offline update facility use a different PC to get the entire April2014 set of fixes and then run the install process – actually better, easier, and faster than the Microsoft online process)

    And – expect similar obstructions to be put in place for those using versions of Windows that precede Windows-10.

    Now – considering the nagging –

    Well consider
    If YOU do not take the windows-10 update before the end of July – then you will have to PAY Microsoft for it –

    And at almost £200 for the retail Pro windows-10 – why not just get a new PC?

    That will almost certainly come with 2GB or more of memory – OK windows-7 and Windows-10 run most stuff adequately in 1GB – well from my observations – most stuff except the MIcrosoft update facility, which seems to want all of 1GB for itself – If you have 1GB of memory, then; NO you should not expect to be able to have your antivirus/malware software running alongside Microsoft Update if you want the update not to take days to run!

    And – considering malware – the most frequent access to users PC’s being via the internet – browsing or email – what were major reasons for NOT going to windows 10 –
    The included email facility, and the browser that came with windows-10.

    And from my reading (NO I don’t use windows mail, or Edge.) there still seem to be enormous deficiencies in those Windows-10 facilities, apparently Microsoft are not really concerned with the secureness of the windows-10 environment as shipped to retail users.

  3. Dave

    May 1, 2016 at 8:42 am

    If you are offered something for free – you are the product.
    If something free is being forced upon you against your will – you are the slave (a type of product).

  4. Carol

    May 9, 2016 at 6:37 am

    The Windows 10 NAG screen appears whenever I boot my computer (Windows 8.1) and there is only one way to stop it — restart the computer. Once the NAG screen opened with a timer that was counting backward from 5 hours — and an announcement that download of WIN10 would start in…
    I wonder if WIN10 is already downloaded on my computer and Microsoft is pushing me to get it installed. Why is Microsoft being so aggressive about this? Microsoft is “expending staff time” and a lot of money to force everyone into this changeover. What’s in it for them?
    Makes me feel like I live in a socialist country where I am expected to do whatever I am told to do.
    I’m a grandmother, 75 years old, and working part-time. My house is for sale. There isn’t time for me to install and learn a new OS. Saving my favorites from IE and deleting Cortana are additional nuisances that have to be dealt with.

  5. dirtyballonot

    August 8, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Shame on them for running an OS that’s over a decade old…

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