Microsoft Returns Solitaire to Windows 10

Windows users are familiar with Solitaire, since it has been included since Windows 3.0, but it was removed from Windows 8, but now it’s back in Windows 10.

Longtime Windows users remember the classic games, Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts since its been a staple of the OS since Windows 3.0. But in Windows 8, the company decided to remove these classics games. The removal was odd, considering that Microsoft admitted those classics games have a devoted following.

Solitaire Returns

Sure, you could get the new modern apps from the Windows Store, but for fans of these classic games, it’s just not the same. But now, just in time for Solitaire’s 25th anniversary, the company has returned returned it.

Solitaire Splash Screen Windows 10

In the latest Windows 10 tech preview, build 10061, which was released this week. To find it, go to Start > All Apps > Microsoft Solitaire Collection Preview.

Solitaire Start Menu

Not all versions or themes are available yet, but, you do get the classic theme to add the extra dash of nostalgia.

Classic Theme

While Windows 10 will come with the nostalgic experience for you, while wasting time at your desk, fans of Hearts or Minesweeper still need to grab the modern versions from the Windows Store. But that might change by the time the final version of Windows 10 is released later this year.

What are your thoughts on this Windows classic? Leave a comment below and let us know.



  1. Joe

    Hi all.
    I just loaded build 10061 and have a question regarding the Store. I have two apps, one is a beta. Which one do I use? Both offer the same apps, but I’m wondering if the beta version give a different version of the same app.
    Also has anyone had any problem with the mail app? It loads and I was able to setup 2 emails, but I only get a partial email. The person sending it and the subject line, but nothing else.

  2. Ms Hanson

    Thank Heavens! Our favorite retro time waster returns. Sorta like the original horseless carriage buggy whip fixtures, but hey! It’s traditional.

  3. celeste

    I want the original Taipei with the fortunes at the end !

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