Watch Windows 95 Running on Xbox One and Other Modern Devices

Windows 95 is showing up on modern devices these days. The most recent sighting is running on Xbox One via DOSBox and the console’s ability to run UWP apps.

Windows 95 was a real game changer for PCs and Microsoft back in the day. It revolutionized the PC industry, and there are a lot for the fond (and not so fond) memories of using it.

Two decades later, we’re finding all sorts of interesting places that Windows 95 is showing up. The most recent sighting is the legacy OS running on a Xbox One via DOSBox and the console’s ability to run Universal Windows Platform apps.

Microsoft recently celebrated Windows 95’s 20th anniversary, and the nostalgic OS seems to be showing up on all sorts of modern day devices. When wearables started becoming a thing, a developer put Win 95 on an Android Wear watch.

If you lived through the Windows 95 glory days, here’s something to make you laugh, and, perhaps feel a bit old:

Also, you can run Windows 95 in a browser (sometimes it tends to be unstable). Or, if you prefer games, check out the classic (and fully playable) Windows 95 game, Hover.

Hover Windows 95 Browser

What are your favorite (or not so fun) memories of Windows 95? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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