Dear Diary, Today I Upgraded to Windows 10

Dear diary, today I upgraded to Windows 10. What I thought was going to be a boring day turned into a day filled with excitement and mixed emotions.

Dear diary, today I upgraded to Windows 10.

What seemed like an ordinary morning immediately became special to me as soon as I saw that my PC was now ready to proceed with installing Windows 10. A big notification window appeared on my screen, letting me know I can finally upgrade to the new OS. Hooray!

Note: Please don’t consider this article a rant. I am simply sharing my experience with Windows 10 so far.

Windows 10 Upgrade Ready Notification

I was really excited. Without a second of hesitation I slammed my finger on the mouse, clicking on “Start the upgrade now”. My computer immediately restarted and within minutes I was already installing the new Windows. I didn’t leave my office chair for a single second as I watched the percentage slowly go all the way up to one hundred.

Windows 10 Upgrade Installing Process

The entire upgrade took about 25 minutes – pretty quick, considering I have quite a few games and applications installed. I couldn’t wait to see my new desktop!

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  1. john  

    i upgraded two computers last night. the only problem i had was my laptop took a long time to shut down.
    intel i5, 8 gb RAM. Elitebook.

    the installs on both systems took about an hour.

    • Stefan  

      I’m pretty much having a similar issue right now. I wouldn’t call it an issue but I am noticing my laptop takes longer to shut down than it did with Windows 8.1. Either way – that’s not a huge problem imho.

  2. kixfan  

    I also immediately jumped on the upgrade when it was offered. I’ve only had one real issue…while uploading music files to my account on ibroadcast.com (great free service, try it) the computer just popped up an error message. Nice vague “uh oh…something just happened and windows needs to restart” message. At the bottom it said after reboot I could look up the below error online to find a solution. Gee thanks for allowing me to look it up online windows. I never would have thought of that myself. The error said.”IRQL not less than or equal”. What the heck does that mean?? Not less than or equal to what?? Hopefully I’ll be able to find an answer online like windows says. Haven’t looked yet. I also had an issue with Chrome. It took forever to start up the first time. Then was buggy and slow. It did eventually work though. I’m sure after I start messing around in there I’ll find more issues but for now I can live with it.

    • Stefan  

      You’re quite lucky on that one – I got the sad face and “Windows needs to restart” while setting up a transfer of bitcoins! Pure hell – luckily it crashed just before I hit the “Send” button so I didn’t end up losing my coins. I can’t remember what the error code was and it hasn’t happened since, so I’ll just let this one slide…

  3. We upgraded 4 computers without a problem, on my own desktop I was convinced through the insider phase “It was going to be good” now after 24 hours near constant use I have removed Windows Old, no rolling back for me. Windows 10 is everything Microsoft said it would be, then some.
    I have had my good experience.

    • Stefan  

      Great! Glad the new OS is treating you well. I still have a few reservations here and there, but I am enjoying the new features and it’s getting harder and harder for me to find reasons to nitpick about why it’s not time to upgrade yet.

      • Joe  

        I quite liked the interface of Windows 10. However, I found these annoying small delays with applications here and there. All sorts of these little lags.

        I wonder if Windows 10 needs a totally clean install to give it the same chance as Windows 8.1. Because having switched back to 8.1, I can feel the difference. Very smooth, instantaneous functions, etc…

        • Joe  

          So I went ahead with a clean install of windows 10.
          It was a bit scary, running into windows not being able to find it’s boot device. Troubleshooting that took some research, work, and reinstalling everything again.

          Windows also started asking for an activation code, which didn’t surprise me as my partitions were deleted entirely and restarted. But once it loaded for the first time, I windows managed to activate itself with the correct key from my windows 8 account. I guess my windows key information must be stored in bios or something.

          The end product is fantastic. Whereas before, with just an upgrade to 10, everything lagged. Now everything is sharp and instantaneous. My startup speed is improved, an I didn’t think it could get any faster on this machine Lenovo g505s, AMD8, 240 SSD. Shutdown occurs in about 1-2 seconds.

          I am sold, and appreciate the clean install recommendation

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing! The plunge has been made! 😉

  4. jerry  

    I upgraded from 8 to 10 on the 29th. The most work was moving to 8.1 first, then installing 40 or so upgrades before I could get the Win 10 “reservation”. Downloading and installing was a snap. Actually it took about an hour to download and about 40 minutes to install on my Toshiba laptop w/4g RAM and AMD processor. I have had no problems so far and I have opened all current applications with no trouble (I run only production apps – no games, etc. I am basically a Mac user but I keep MS around for those times when I need something that Mac won’t run, like Word (Word for Mac stinks). Looks like Win 10 is going to do as well as XP (at least for production work). At least my laptop opens faster than it did with Win 8. ~j

  5. Max380  

    I had the brilliant idea of upgrading instead of doing a clean install.

    My laptop is 2 weeks old and nothing is on it except from a few files for my office.
    I did the upgrade in about 2 hours full install.

    I had no driver problems but the whole OS was lagging. I played around for about 2 hours and I realized that each and every time that I was rebooting I would get a blue screen of death after typing my password at login and pressing enter.

    I decided to do a clean install but to keep my files. It did the trick! Now my computer is fast and everything works like a charm.

    Edge is 2x faster than Chrome, I had to install audio Realtek drivers and my programs back (office adobe reader my brother all-in-one printer drivers and anti virus).

    My suggestion : the clean install!!! I am repeating but my computer works like a charm now and everything is snappy.

    Acer 8gb ram 2,4ghz 4core works A1 since clean install on Windows 10 Home edition.

    • IMO…. never upgrade an OS. Go clean every time.

      Good call on the rebuild!

      • Annette  

        I’m confused, what is a clean install viruses an upgrade? How do you know the difference?

  6. RonM  

    It is my understanding that to get the free upgrade to Windows 10 you have to do an upgrade first from Windows 7 or 8.1 and confirm that Windows 10 activates. Then you can use a jump drive or DVD to do a clean install and it will then activate over the Internet using the information from the upgrade activation.
    For those that have been using Windows 10 Preview for some time, you should have received the activated version on July 29.

  7. Mike  

    I upgraded my Lenovo M93P Tiny to Win10 from 8.1 and except for not being able to see the Ethernet cable (regardless of what i have tried), love it. I do want to hard wire my Internet connection – the router is less than two feet from the computer.

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