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For anyone who’s a huge music nut, Spotify is an amazing platform. With Spotify Premium, you can stream music anywhere at any time, even if you don’t have data. Here I’ll be discussing a few playlists I highly recommend to anyone using Spotify. These playlists range from Metal to Folk music. Hopefully, this list will guide you in opening up your musical taste.

I tried to include multiple different music genres just for the sake of the reader. Not everyone has the same music taste, so I hope I’ve covered enough genres to give everyone potentially reading this a possible choice from the list. However, I do recommend checking all of these out even if you initially think you won’t like the music in some of these playlists. There might be a genre I’ve listed that you never knew you would like.

1. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Your Favorite Coffeehouse is a perfect chill playlist to have going while studying or reading. I highly recommend it as a more soothing playlist. The music is very good for a calming morning routine. I enjoy playing this more Folk playlist during the morning while I’m waking up, or while I’m trying to read. It makes it feel as if you’re in your own personal coffee house while being in the comfort of your own home.

If you like more Folk/adventure type music, I’d highly recommend this playlist. There are many playlists Spotify provides that are intended toward focusing or studying, however I’ve found that this one is probably the best out of all of them.

2. Nu Metal Generation

This playlist is on the opposite side of the musical spectrum compared to the previous playlist we discussed. Music like this actually helps me focus on difficult work, or pumps me up for a workout. I would recommend listening to this playlist if you need a little energy boost.

It has all the classic musicians such as Korn, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Papa Roach. There are many more artists that you may recognize if you’re interested in the Nu Metal scene. This playlist contains all the classic songs from these artists as well. Would highly recommend this playlist if you want to get into metal but don’t know where to start.

3. Alternative 70s

Now let’s throw it back to the 70’s with bands like Joy Division, David Bowie, The Clash, and Ramones. This playlist has it all. Alternative music from the 70’s has always been a branch of interest for me. It’s a good mix of more modern music, with 70’s influence. If you were to ask me I’d say that alternative music from this generation was well ahead of its time. Even now we see teens getting into The Clash and Joy Division. Most of the artists in the playlist are easy to recognize, even by someone from this generation (like me).

I would highly recommend this playlist if you want a blast to the past. The alternative music of the 70’s has always interested me, and this playlist is perfect for diving deeper into that world. The good thing about all these playlists is that they are long. This one particularly is 4 hours worth of music. It feels like a limitless list of music. I would highly recommend at least attempting to take a listen to this playlist. It’s more than likely you’ve already heard at least one song this playlist has.

4. The Wilds

Ever been on a road trip and had no idea what to play? Well, this playlist is for you. If you’re going hiking or camping, I’d highly recommend playing this playlist. It’s soothing, and the mood the songs give off is amazing for a relaxing drive through a heavily wooded area. You could also play this playlist while hiking or going out into nature. It is called “The Wilds” for a reason.

If you’re into calming folk-type music, I would highly recommend this playlist. The vocals in all these songs are amazing, and the background music to the vocals hits your soul just right. The sound of the music is minimal yet enchanting. Just be careful about falling asleep while playing these songs.

5. Short Film (2019)

Last but certainly not least is the Short Films playlist. This is a playlist I’ve played many times to boost my mood. The positive energy these songs radiate is astounding. I would call the genre these songs fall under as alternative folk, however this playlist jumps all around the spectrum of music. It has Cavetown in it as well as Imagine Dragons and Hozier. The genre this playlist covers is really unidentifiable. It reminds me of the previous playlist we covered (The Wilds), yet has a more modern feel to it. If I had to explain to someone what alternative in this generation means to me, I’d just show them this playlist.


I hope that this list of playlists helped you open up your horizons to the music Spotify can provide. If you have a premium you can also download these playlists and listen to them on the go. I would highly recommend at least checking out these playlists to see if any of them speak to you. As I said initially, the genres here range from folk to nu metal, so it’s up to you as the reader to decide which genres jive with you. However, I always encourage opening yourself up to new ideas and new music tastes.

Being stuck in one genre can be boring and, eventually, repetitive.  If you have Spotify, I would highly recommend going to the home tab and finding the different genres they provide. There are playlists for working out, playlists for studying, and some for just chilling out. Eventually, you’ll develop a very interesting Discover Weekly playlist (as I have), and a bunch of interesting new music will be recommended to you each week.

I sincerely hope anyone reading this goes out and attempts to open their musical horizons. I hope this article has been a good launching point for you toward testing out new music genres.

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