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Kick Back Friday: Play Contre Jour Online

The week has been crazy, too many spreadsheets, project deadlines, and oh yeah…meetings. Today take it easy and kick back on company time, and enjoy a fun and relaxing game from Microsoft.

Contre Jour (French for Against Daylight) was first introduced in October as part of Microsoft’s touting of the new HTML5 capabilities in IE 10.

The game is available on Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and now online with 20 new free levels to play. It’s a physics type game where you need to get the character Petit to different portals in the mysterious world.

Game Play

It’s best played on a touch tablet like the Microsoft Surface — it’s available on Android and iOS as well — but you can still have a lot of fun playing the free levels with your mouse at work too. Although it’s optimized for IE 10, you can play it in other browsers as well.

It’s quite relaxing, enjoyable, and perfect for screwing off on a Friday afternoon. Just make sure the volume isn’t up too loud that your boss hears it!

Play Countre Jour on your bosses time at:

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