When Buying a New PC, Check out the Microsoft Signature Editions

When purchasing a new Windows computer, it typically contains a lot of bloat or so-called “crapware.” Microsoft Signature Edition PCs don’t, here’s a look.

When you purchase a new computer, a huge annoyance is dealing with the ridiculous amount of crapware that comes with it. From limited trials of McAfee or some other antivirus program you’ll never use, to badly designed backup software created by the manufacturer.

You can of course run a program like the free utilities Revo Uninstaller, or PC Decrapifier, which will get rid of all most of that preinstalled junk. Or do a clean installation yourself – but that takes time and work.

You didn’t buy that new computer so you could start setting it up, and then spend hours working on getting rid of the bloat. And that is where the Microsoft Signature Edition computers come in.


Microsoft Signature Edition PCs

Microsoft offers a Signature line of PCs in its online and retail stores that offer a clean installation of Windows, void of the crapware and trial software. What Microsoft does is purchase popular models of PCs on the market, does a clean installation of Windows, and guarantees no third-party junk.

Without all of the extra crap, your new PC starts up and performs much faster. The company now has tablets, All-in-One and 2-in-1 computers under the Signature line. You will still need to run Windows Update out-of-the-box, but that’s nothing compared to the amount of work required on a non-signature computer.

Recently I bought a Signature line PC. It’s a Lenovo Flex 2 15 (shown below) which comes with Windows 8.1 installed cleanly. It’s a remarkable improvement compared to the same PC I would get at Best Buy or some other retailer. Of course I will be using this as a new Windows 10 testing computer, and that makes doing the upgrade via the Windows Insider program easier too. By the way, if you want to see what’s new in the latest version of Windows 10, make sure to check out our Visual Tour on Build 9926.

Microsoft Lenovo Flex 2

When I buy a new computer, I will typically just do a clean install myself, but, with these, it’s already done and allows me to get it set up and ready to use much faster. Plus the prices are comparable to other big box stores and online retailers.

Also note that we recommend using Ninite.com for installing all of your favorite free and Open Source programs on your new PC. It’s a site that allows you to install all of your software without any toolbars or other junk – much better than being bombarded with crapware from say, CNET’s Download.com.

Check out Microsoft Signature PCs and Tablets

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1 Comment

  1. gayle zorn

    October 19, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    I’m so glad that I came across your article. I have been loosing my mind looking for this information. The link to this is broken however. Please send it me. I’m looking to buy a windows signature edition 8 inch tablet. THANKS!

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