Microsoft Bing Rolls Out Metronome and Tuner for Guitarists

Are you a guitar player who’s ever been traveling with your guitar, but forgot your tuner and/or metronome? Look no further than Bing to solve the problem.

Are you a guitar player who’s ever been traveling with your guitar, but forgot your tuner and/or metronome? If you have your phone, tablet, or PC with you, for quick access to a basic tuner or metronome, look no further than Bing.

Bing Guitar Tuner

To get to the tuner, simply type: guitar tuner into Bing. Or, if you’re on a Windows 10 system and have the “Hey Cortana” feature enabled, say: “Hey Cortana. Guitar Tuner.” and it will open it up in Bing.

That will bring up the Guitar tuner as a top result, and you can use it to tune your guitar.

search Bing

Just select the type of tuning you want, then hit each note, and it will play through your PC or device’s speaker.

Bing Guitar Tuner

Bing Metronome

To bring up the metronome, type: metronome into Bing and it will bring it up. You can use the “Hey Cortana” feature, but in my experience, it would often misunderstand what I was saying and brought up something else.

Once it comes up you can adjust the beats per minute as well as the tempo and measure length.

bing metronome

Sure, there are plenty of other apps and free online tuners out there, but this is new to Microsoft Bing. For simple access to either tool from your PC or mobile device, just bookmark each page.

Both of these tools were created by Summer interns at Microsoft, and you can read more about them on the Bing Blog.

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1 Comment

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    I would like to thank you so much for all your help and info…Totally awesome and so much appreciated !

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