Man Builds Homemade Telescope and Captures Amazing Photos of Space

Every few times a month Nasa will release space imagery that absolutely blows me away. This time around I was caught by surprise and found brilliant photos taken by an amateur stargazer.

While going to space is still the “final frontier” that only a few hundred people have been to in our history, scoping it out is something millions do every night. Redditor neufy14 recently posted an amazing image gallery of some shots captured by his father using a homemade telescope. Keep in mind that this isn’t your run of the mill tripod telescope, this one is serious business, complete with a dedicated small shed as an observatory.

The type of telescope used in this case is known as a Newtownian, and it’s surprisingly easy to build according to sources. Although as far as parts go, this particular setup costs in the range of $15,000 for the entire setup, not counting the shed.

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