Friday Fun: 5 Amusing Things Kids Can Ask Google Home

“OK, Google: Keep my kids entertained for a few minutes.”

Listen, I’m still impressed by the notion of computers talking, let alone listening. I remember in grade school when a teacher made the Macintosh Fred voice say one of my classmate’s names out loud, and I thought he was a witch.

My kids, though, are not as easily amused. When our Google Home converts grams to ounces in the kitchen, I’m like, “Amazing!” and they are like, “Great, what else can you do?”

Fortunately, Google has packed a ton of kid-friendly easter eggs into the Google Home. Here are just a few.


1. OK, Google: Tell me a story.

This launches your Google Home into a narrated, kid-friendly tale. When we tried this, we got an abbreviated version of Snow White.

2. OK, Google: Tell me a Christmas joke.

It’s a twist on the usual “tell me a joke” command that might yield you a yuletide cameo on your Google Home.

3. Hey, Google: Let’s Play Mystery Sounds

Google Home plays sounds out of context, and you have to guess what they are.

4. OK, Google: Let’s Play Mad Libs

Guaranteed silliness as kids choose words to insert into a story. Also, try the Name Game, Ding Dong Coconut, and Math Quiz.

5. Hey, Google: Play Mickey Mouse Adventure.

This launches an impeccably-voiced Mickey Mouse choose-your-own-adventure game for the kids to play.

There are so many games and fun features in Google Home that it’s hard to call these easter eggs. They might be just plain old features.

To that end, here’s one more bonus:

Bonus: OK, Google: Broadcast…

If you have more than one Google Home, you can broadcast a custom message to all your Google Homes. Or, you can choose a “delightful sound” to play by using some of these commands:

  • OK, Google: Broadcast, breakfast is ready.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, it’s lunchtime.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, dinner is served.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, wake up everyone.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, I’m home.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, be home soon.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, time to leave.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, the movie is about to start.
  • OK, Google: Broadcast, tv time.

Tip: You can also broadcast from your phone to your Google Home using the Google Assistant app.

Got any other good ones? Please share them in the comments.

Let us know how you keep your kids entertained with your Google Home. Leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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