Ask the Readers: What’s Your Favorite Social Network?

There’s definitely no shortage of social networks available these days for a variety of objectives. This week, we want to know which one is your favorite.

Social networks provide an easy way to stay in touch with friends and relatives, meet new people, share pictures and videos, and promote your brand. Social networking is such a popular phenomena, it seems every new app and service includes a social element to it.

Favorite Social Network

While there’s a bunch of startups that want to garner the same popularity of Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, it’s hard to compete with the established giants. Of course there’s also social networks that are aimed for specific areas of communication. For example LinkedIn is for networking professionals, Instagram for sharing photos, and Path for staying in touch with your closes friends. 

You also need to choose the best social service based on its capabilities. If you just want to shoot out a quick message or link, Twitter is a perfect choice. Or, if you want to get more in depth about a topic, Google+ or Facebook might be a better fit. Maybe you want to go with Path for a network that’s more private, more manageable, and mobile. Of course with most of these services you can share videos too.

So what we want to know is: What’s Your Favorite Social Network and why? Take a moment and let us know in the comments.



  1. Steve Krause

    I’ll start things off — Google+

    I like the simplicity of the service and the fact that the terms of service doesn’t make me feel like I’m selling a piece of my soul by using it.

    • Alex

      Remember, if its free — you’re the product.

  2. Brad Noland

    I am not much of a social media user, but Google+ is easily my favorite.
    The quality of conversation there seems to be a notch above Facebook. At least it is among the people I follow.
    I also find the privacy settings on G+ easier to understand and configure.

  3. Brian Burgess

    I suppose Google+ cuz it’s geekier, then again, while I don’t participate much in Facebook, I do get caught up lurking and seeing what people are up to.

  4. Brian Burgess

    I do like LinkedIn for it’s professional ties, but the first thing you need to do is turn off all email notifications…it will spam your inbox hard.

    Path is pretty neat for keeping your closest friends and contacts organized, and it allows you to post some cool mutlimedia stuff. But I often forget about it, as I think a lot of people do.

  5. Austin Krause

    I’m longing for the day when social networking sites fade out. I think plenty agree with me that forums are more enjoyable. I’m a big fan of reddit’s system.

    If I had to choose which one I dislike the least, it would probably be Google+

    Google doesn’t try to hide the fact that your information is out in the open and stored on its servers. It also seems to have a much better crowd as Brad mentioned.

  6. Bogdan Bele

    Google+, probably, in terms of usability. Still, my friends seem to be more into Facebook, which I’m not a big fan of. Actually, I kinda share Austin’s opinion.

  7. Shockersh

    I personally love Reddit but I wouldn’t call that a social network. Google+ is what I use to stay in touch with everyone.

    It’s simple to use and allows me to easily upload photos and also treat it like a blog in a lot if ways.

    Facebook is crap. I deleted my account there a long time ago.

    • Brian Burgess

      +1 for Reddit. I guess it’s not a “social network” per se , but it’s great for getting new info. I need to use it more than I do that’s for sure…mmmm… a groovyPost subreddit…???

  8. Alex

    Reddit. Google+ has the best iPhone App however, Reddit FTW.

  9. Sue Jespersen

    Fan of Google+ for the privacy settings, its ease of use re. filtering and for its conversation/topic threading, hard to beat its search too. Really like Twitter for the conciseness that comes with 140 characters.

    Facebook for me means noise, I only dip in now and again to respond to group events. Its privacy settings for many are a minefield.

    • Brian Burgess

      Agree on Google+. Privacy is easy, in fact the entire service is easy. I really like the addition of Communities, and we use Google+ Hangouts to do our weekly podcast, which is really a great feature. Although I do have a tendency to complain about it sometimes, as it seems every week there’s a new change in it to deal with. Also, some of our hardware doesn’t work properly with it. But hey! It’s free!

      Facebook is useless indeed, but I do get caught up looking at what people I know post there. I look at it in amazement really…”why did they post that?” lol.

      • Sue Jespersen

        We use Google Hangouts for internal meetings if one member of our team is working from home. Screen and document sharing is a great feature. We have had a lot of fun with the special effects too. :-)

  10. Marc Mallary

    Not really a social network but I like it.

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