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Custom FM Radio Stations Coming Soon?

Not all of our new groovyUnplugged articles will feature a rant. We’ll be covering all things interesting and geeky that’s related to tech too. This week, we feature the cool technology futurism show FourCast.

Our very own senior writer Josh Windisch was a guest on the latest episode of FourCast on the TWiT Network. On this show they talk about fun, wild, crazy and interesting thoughts on the future of tech and what might be possible.

On this week’s episode Josh joins Tom Merritt, Scott Johnson and Bryan Burnett for an hour of fun, creative and interesting talk about future tech. Will we be traveling the world via pneumatic tubes like in Futurama?

Josh brings up the subject of creating custom FM stations…a very cool idea and good discussion ensues. They also talk about Internet connected driverless cars, teleportation and end the show with the four future questions lightning round.

Sit back and enjoy TWiT Network’s FourCast Episode 120 – Your Tube is Here.

Congratulations Josh!


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2 Responses to Custom FM Radio Stations Coming Soon?

  1. MikeR May 24, 2012 at 5:40 pm #

    Fantastic, Josh. Congratulations on landing at TWIT and for a very cool first appearance on this show. I look for great things from you, buddy!

  2. kay December 2, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

    Josh I listen to FM Radio every night from l to 2 hours and in the morning for about 2 hours, would like to get some of those wise guys who talk talk talk and come up with stupid questions early in the morning, almost always turn them off, the topic’s that they discuss is old old fashion, we need fresh FM Radio broadcast, CNN sometime has good subject material and news.

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