Clean Eyeglasses the Cheap and Effective Way With Dryer Sheets

Instead of spending money on cleaner solutions and cloths to clean your eye glasses, check out this more frugal approach — a used dryer sheet!

There’s plenty of different cleaner solutions and cloths for eyeglasses on the market. Some more expensive than others. But a lot of times, they can end up making glasses more smudged and harder to clean in the end. Of course, anyone who wears glasses is guilty of trying to clean them off with the corner of your shirt. This is one of the worst methods, because it can scratch the lenses, and doesn’t do a good job anyway.

Clean Glasses with Dryer Sheets

The method I’ve found that works best  (which I learned from my Mom btw), is using a dryer sheet!

STOP! Before you run off and experiment, don’t use a fresh dryer sheet out-of-the-box. Those have too much of the softener and goop on them, and will smear them up. Instead, use a sheet you’ve ran through a load of laundry and use it to clean your glasses! No chemicals are required, and I’ve found it actually does a remarkable job.

The first thing I thought was a dryer sheet would scratch the lenses, but it doesn’t. Just clean your glasses like you would with a microfiber cloth, and you’re good to go. Give it a try, and make your glasses Bounty Fresh!



  1. Steve Krause

    Awesome Tip. I’m going to give this a try on my Sun Glasses. I’m always losing my Microfilter Cloth…

  2. Brian Burgess

    Yup, just make sure to use it after you run a load of laundry through the dryer cycle.

    • Steve Krause

      Um yeah dude. I got that. ;)

  3. Louie

    Cool … i am one of those who use their shirt corners too. I will definitely give this a try!

  4. Jack Busch

    Excellent. I just balled up three of these, about to throw them away when I remembered this tip. Tried it out. It works!

    • Steve Krause

      Hey that’s awesome. Now does it leave lint and stuff or are they free of dust?

      The ones we have are linen so that kinda explains why this works so well.

  5. Paul Fullilove

    It works for me.

  6. Tony

    Just popped my Raybans in the washing machine. Lets see what happens ….

    • Brian Burgess


    • Walter

      Must be a Texas Aggie!

      • BigFED01

        I hope he at least took them off first!

  7. Dwayne Larson

    Having the Correct Glasses Cleaner or One That Really Works- I’d Always Heard of The MAGIC PROPERTIES of Used Dryer Sheets-

    Well, Using The Cleaner & Cloth Method
    Always Seemed to Make My Glasses a MAGNET to SMUDGES, Streaks & Cloudines

    WELL, Used Dryer Sheets are a REAL MIRACLE Lens Cleaner—

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