How to Change the Default Web Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10 when you upgrade, even if you had it set to Chrome or Firefox, and It’s simple to switch back, here’s how.

Update: Changing the default browser on Windows 10 is much easier these days compared to when the OS was first released.

Change Default Browser on Windows 10

Go to Start > Settings > Apps > Default apps. Click on what’s listed as your default browser — in this case it’s the beta version of Edge.

default apps windows 10

Then a list of installed browsers will pop up. Click on the one you want to set as the default.

set default browser windows 10

That’s all there is to it!

Old Original Article…

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10 when you upgrade, even if you had it set to Chrome or Firefox. While the Edge browser is much faster and intuitive than Internet Explorer, features are missing. Namely, the ability to use popular add-ons or extensions that are available in other browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

So you might want to make your default browser something else until we get those abilities in Edge in future updates. It’s a lot easier than Mozilla’s CEO Chris Beard wants users to think in his recent open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Regarding changing your browser back to Firefox, Beard writes:

It now takes more than twice the number of mouse clicks, scrolling through content and some technical sophistication for people to reassert the choices they had previously made in earlier versions of Windows. It’s confusing, hard to navigate and easy to get lost.

That’s a pretty strong statement and insults the intelligence of Windows users. In fact, you could say he’s insulting his own customers who want to use Firefox in Windows 10.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at changing your default browser after an upgrade to Windows 10.

Change Windows 10 Default Web Browser

In the search field type: default browser and hit Enter. Or just click Choose a default browser from the top of the search results.

Cortana Search Windows 10

That brings you directly to Settings > System > Default apps, where the Web browser option is already highlighted. As you can see, Edge is currently set as the default.

Edge Browser Default Windows 10

To change it click on Microsoft Edge and a menu of different browsers you have installed on your PC pops up. Choose the one you want, closeout of the screen, and you’re done!

Choose Default Browser

Moving forward, any time you click any links in your email or other apps, your browser of choice opens up — not Edge.

I hope you didn’t get lost or confused by that.

Firefox Default

A Few More Thoughts

The steps outlined above are mostly aimed at those of you who upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 or those who upgraded Windows 8.1 to 10. If you do a clean install of Windows 10, you’ll need to download your browser(s) of choice again. And, the first time you run Firefox, it asks if you want to make your default – just like it has always done.


And interestingly enough, the first time I launched Google Chrome, it displayed a video that showed you exactly how to make it your default browser (again, same steps as above.) If you’re curious, you can see the full video here.

Google Chrome

It should be no surprise that Microsoft is going to change your default web browser to its own during the upgrade process. Microsoft wants to show you what it has to offer, and it wants you to use it. But changing it back to whatever you prefer is a simple affair.

Instead of going off on a rant about it being a step backward and insulting users, Mozilla’s CEO should do something similar to what Google does, or have a landing page with the instructions outlined above.

Read the full letter: An Open Letter to Microsoft’s CEO: Don’t Roll Back the Clock on Choice and Control

What’s your take on this? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!



  1. David Hall

    I doesn’t work for me! Google Chrome is not a default option: only Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and “Look for an app in the Store” (which I did and Google Chrome was nowhere to be found).

    Why isn’t this a violation of an anti-trust settlement from years ago. MSFT can’t prevent anyone from choosing their default browser, I thought???

    • Becky

      You did something wrong David. Worked for me easy. I just updated my Lenovo and all is good. Did an upgrade no issues.

    • Brian Burgess

      Is Google Chrome installed on your computer?

      • Michael

        Please Brian it is NEVER that simple with Microsoft and the giant pissing contest they are constantly in regarding ANY other competition. The “it’s not surprising MS wants to show you their products” is a JOKE. They constantly revert back to “their” product settings and it IS confusing because the “simple” fix you mention does NOT work, or only for a short time, or any time there’s an update. Also, most of us “consumers” are not in the business of making Windows 10, or it’s upgrades, or it’s patches, or it’s settings, or say, if you actually want to use a few MS products (say SKYPE) where they have all kinds of backdoor resets and conflicts. YOU are the one belittling us. I do not have hours and hours in my day to constantly keep up the the latest MS scams and force fed updates. The Windows 10 forced update is just the latest example of them F*&king with MY COMPUTER and MY PERSONAL preferences. I’m saving up to go Apple because I’m sick and tired of MS constantly NOT WORKING or costing me hours and hours, days even of fixing THEIR mess. (and yes, I believe MANY of these “conflicts” are just tricks and on purpose to get people to use them exclusively.)

        Now that’s a rant.

    • Wolfgang

      Same here. I’m using Chrome all the time but it does not show up as a an option.

    • akabaneyuhi

      i think you need to download google chrome by yourself..just search google chrome on the internet and it will show you how to get one

    • Stargazr

      Found SOLUTION to prevent Outlook & other apps continually asking for def browser

      OK, this issue has been dogging me since I upgraded to Win 10.

      As described above, Outlook 2013 and other apps were asking me each and every time I clicked on a link to choose a default browser (Chrome in my case). Checking the box to remember the choice DID NOT work. I tried all the online suggestions I could find–most listed above as well–none worked for me. One suggestion to uninstall and re-install Chrome did not work either but led to me discovering what did work, for me:

      Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Default Programs

      Choose: “Set program access and computer defaults” link
      Select: “Custom” and click the dropdown arrow, then under “Choose a default browser:” choose Chrome (or whatever) and click “Enable access to this program”.
      Click OK

      *I also double-checked a few other defaults to make sure they were set as I wanted.

      As a test, I opened Outlook 2013 and clicked on a link inside an email. It popped up the same window asking for the default browser–I was not encouraged, but I selected Chrome and selected to mark it as default. It worked!! No more annoying popup in either Outlook or other apps.

      If this helps anyone out there, I’ll be happy because I’ve been searching for months — coming back to the problem over and over– and now the irritation for me is finally gone.

      • Ben

        @Stargazr Nice work. This has been bugging me for ages! Thanks!

      • Dianne Chesnut

        ty ty ty It worked

      • Lana

        Thank you! I had Chrome as an option but I could not select it for some reason (or any other browser in place of Edge). This solution worked immediately!

      • Tom

        Thank you so, so much. I have not been able to get MS to save Chrome as the default for months. This did the trick.

      • IanP

        Great solution, been bugging me for weeks!

        • Barbara Tanguay

          spoke directly to a Dell (co.of my laptop) tech. and was told to get the (number or password–can’t remember which) changed, it would cost me $1??.00 by ‘them’ or by any company tech that would likely have to call ‘them’–no Visa and i don’t know if i’ll even be bothered with it–will just keep Google Chrome as my Default Browser at this present time–obviously Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge have the ‘controls’ for getting on this computer–FOR NOW!

      • Barbara Tanguay

        Yes, i followed all these steps and Google Chrome is now my Default Browser as what i am used to always having for one –however, Microsoft still has ‘power’ to have me still sign in to get onto my laptop which isn’t making me too happy and i hope this ‘problem’ can be resolved and dismissed in the near future. was always satisfied with Google and that will not change.

      • David So Cal

        Thank you! It’s been pissing me off since I upgraded to Windows 10. Finally I got tired of it and did something about it. LOL!

      • Vicki Warker

        Unfortunately my “Set program access and computer defaults” link does not have a “Custom” option. I have been trying to fix the problem of any url in an email sending me to Edge for months and nothing has worked. I have reset the default browser, unistalled and re-installed Chrome many times and even installed “Edge Deflector”. Nothing has worked. I hate Edge.

    • David Walters

      My name is also David, and like the David above, I am unable to make a change. In my case the control panel doesn’t show ANYTHING as my default browser, though when required to launch a browser, it launches Edge. If click I get the list just like your picture, but no matter what I select, no change is made to she system and the control panel stills shows a blank for the default web browser. Call me paranoid, but I see something sneaky going on here. Or maybe you just have trouble if your name is David

    • David Robinson

      I am having the same problem along with a lot of other issues with Windows 10 – no bluetooth icon or settings where they should be, setting altered by updates

      I have Mozilia Firefox & Maxthon on pc but cannot set either as default

  2. Calvin

    I just opened Chrome, it said “Chrome is not your default browser, do you want to make it your default?” I clicked yes and it was done.

    • MS

      Same here, Chrome is not showing up as an option to be a default browser. I even uninstalled it and installed it over again, still not an option to become a default browser.

      • bob k

        Me too; Chrome simply does not appear on the list to choose a default browser. I installed firefox; that appears, but Chrome, still no. :(

  3. Phil

    Thanks for the clear instructions. It worked for me.

    • Robert Algar Jr

      You’re full of it. THERE IS NO APP FOR GOOGLE CHROME!

  4. James N

    Cannot print network password unless IE is the default browser.

  5. David Hall

    I’m relieved (I guess) that MS has validated my experience. Please allow me to be specific:

    Google Chrome is/was/has been my default browser in Windows 7
    I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10
    I’ve executed the instructions from Brian Burgess, but Google Chrome is not presented as a default option of Windows 10 (as I described in my earlier post)
    AND, like Calvin, when I launch Google Chrome, I am asked if I would like to select it as the default option, and I click ‘Yes”
    BUT, that command does not register with the system. Now, every time that I launch Google Chrome, I am asked if I want to select it as the default option, which I do to no effect…


    • Calvin

      I guess we all have some problem, I can’t resize the start menu.

      • Johan van de Merwe

        The resize works for me only when I use a real mouse on my laptop. It doesn’t work when you use the mouse touch pad on the laptop.

  6. Jen

    Thanks for the clear and easy instructions. I really like Windows 10 (never liked 8), but Edge has some incompatibilities with my work website. I love it now that I can use IE as the default browser!

  7. Lindsey

    Thank you very much Brian! That was easy & simple!

  8. Ken Y

    I want Internet Explorer 11 as my default browser (because of add-ons like RoboForm, that won’t run in Edge). When I went into Settings/Default Apps/Web Browser, it already shows IE as my default browser.

    BUT… EVERY TIME I click a link in email or documents, I get a dialog asking me “How Do You Want To Open This?” Then it says “Keep Using This App”, and it show Internet Explorer. It also lists further down Edge and Chrome and Look For An App in The App Store. I ALWAYS check the box for “Keep Using This App”, but I still get that dialog EVERY time I click on a link.


    • Ray D

      I have the same problem as Ken Y – I have made IE 11 the default browser in Default Settings, but I still keep getting the nag to choose a browser every time I click on a link. I’ve looked at IE 11’s default settings and all the boxes are ticked.

      Please help to get rid of it.

    • Ivan Cotter

      I have the same problem (just changed from Windows 7 to 10) as Ken Y and others and am very irritated at what seems to be an attempt to annoy users into using Edge instead of IE11. Can anyone help?

    • mark giard

      same here. I get asked every time which browser I want. I want IE as my default, but it keeps asking me every time I click a link. The only way to stop this pop up question every time is to select edge as my default.

    • Gil

      i have the same exact issue

  9. Ken Y

    Is there a specific registry key that can be manually edited to let links directly open my default browser (IE) without getting the “How do you want to open this” extra annoying step?

  10. Scott Adams

    I have the same problem as Ken Y and Ray D – I have made IE 11 the default browser in Default Settings, but I still keep getting the nag to choose a browser every time I click on a link. I’ve looked at IE 11’s default settings and all the boxes are ticked.

  11. Paul

    Yeah. Well I’ve followed the instructions provided above 4 times now and I still cant even find the Internet Explorer tile let alone have it launch after changing the settings!
    The only option I have is to search Internet Explorer in the search bar and launch it that way. Kind of cumbersome. Think it needs a fix.

  12. Mike

    I have the same problem as Scott, Ken Y, and Ray D. I do not want to use Edge (I might use it if it kept my favorites from IE11, but it doesn’t). How do you make Windows 10 stop asking what browser you want to use, even after you have already told it numerous times to ALWAYS use this application???

  13. Ken

    Same problem as Scott, Ken Ray and Mike. It actually works with Chrome or Firefox. Surely this is a bug as Microsoft would much rather you use IE than either of those.

    • Ivan Cotter

      Ken: While you are of course correct in suggesting that Microsoft would rather we use IE instead of Chrome or Firefox, you have to remember that these are non-Microsoft products whereby hindering their use by forcing a browser choice would provoke anti-competition trouble for Microsoft. However, since IE and Edge are both Microsoft products, forcing users to choose between these two should not provoke such trouble. So, as I suggested in my previous posting above, forcing a browser choice in an attempt to annoy users into using Edge instead of IE11 is an option open to Microsoft. Since my previous posting, I have had a lot of trouble with IE-caused crashes, which I have entirely solved by switching (with regret) to Edge. That is, I have seen the writing on the wall and admitted defeat!

  14. Mr Timothy J Schneider

    Well that really sucks big time. Why have the always use this app check box then.

  15. george

    You may not see your browser in the web browser area, you have to go to set default by apps which is down below at bottom of page, click on it and a selection of apps will come up, click on the one you need and that is it. If the app or program, is downloaded on your computer it should show up in this area.

  16. Suzanne

    Just want to thanks so very much. Spent entire morning trying to figure out how to change from windows 10 browser to my familiar windows 7 browser. microsoft shoutd be ashamed of themselves for being non-user friendly.They should have a how to in their software. Ready to go back to windows 7.

    Suzanne D

  17. Elaine

    Thank you for the post. I followed the instructions and set my browser to Firefox, but I still get the “how do you want to open this” pop-up when clicking a link in my Outlook email. I continually choose Firefox and check the “always use app” box but the change doesn’t stick. It’s very annoying! Any suggestions on how to make it stop? I also changed all file associations to open with Firefox.

    • John Truman

      Update 1709 to Windows 10 deletes Chrome and makes it impossible to reinstall it. You can set Firefox as the default browser, but you keep on being asked to do it again. And email stuff that opens in a browser doesn’t ask, it just opens in Edge, which is atrocious, both as behaviour and as a product. The answer, I’m very sorry to say, appears to be Apple.

      If anyone knows how to make Firefox the default browser (and, ideally, uninstall Edge) permanently for email and anything else for which one used a browser, please let me know.

  18. Marie

    I have tried each and every workaround suggested in the article above and in the messages. I want Firefox as my browser but it isn’t listed in default browser. Only Edge shows up no matter what I do. I totally agree with Mozilla chief that this forceware is a disgrace.

  19. Steedy

    Found Workaround – Tried the solution but Chrome didn’t appear as an available browser even though it is installed.

    Got around this by following the process to change the Default Browser and then selected a link to “Choose Default Applications by File Type” then went through all “file types” that were using Edge or IE and changed them to Chrome.

    Chrome is also now available as an option in the default browser.

    First time I linked out of Outlook it asked me which application to use and I chose Chrome and ticked “Don’t ask me again”.

  20. Ken Y

    Not sure whether you found a workaround or whether the problem persists. Your last paragraph seems to contradict your first paragraph.

    Please clarify.


    • Ray D

      I did read in another forum that the reason why Internet Explore doesn’t come up by default is because the full version number in the registry is one digit too long for Windows to cope with. Some have applied a registry hack to remove the last digit of the IE 11nnnnnn string, which does work, but of course is negated as soon as there is an upgrade and the new full string is written. Also, hacking the registry is a last resort …

      Ray D

      • Scott Adams

        Ray D which key needs to be changed? Your comment doesn’t really provide enough details.

    • Steedy

      Hi Ken,

      Been working perfectly for a few weeks, think the final check was MS not wanting to let go :)

  21. Bob

    Scott, Ken Ray and Mike…This worked for me!

    • Scott Adams

      Bob, does IE 11 open when you click a link in an outlook email? I have yet to get it to open without the intermediate screen coming up and asking which program I want. If you got this working which fix did you use?

      • Elaine

        I would be interested in knowing if anyone got either Chrome or Firefox to “stick” as the default app to open when clicking a link in an *outlook* email. After going through all of the instructions in this thread and making every change suggested, I still get the “how do you want to open this” pop-up every single time. I never even launched the Edge browser on my PC.

  22. Myra

    I got the Windows 10 upgrade a few months ago and immediately changed my default browser to Google Chrome, as I’d been using it for years and I liked it very well. It was simple to change and I hadn’t experienced any problems until yesterday. When I got online I was immediately told Chrome wasn’t my default browser and was asked if I’d like to change it. I clicked yes and was taken to the settings page with the default apps. Once there, I clicked on Chrome to be my default browser but nothing happened. It wouldn’t let me change it and insisted I use Internet Explorer. Every time I open my browser, I’m asked if I want to make Chrome my default browser and I go through the same process and get the same negative result. I can’t find a solution, has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?

    • Ken Y

      Myrna, have you read the previous posts in this thread? There is a solution.

      • georgela

        What is the fix Ken Y?
        I have been reading and have the same issues you have been having. When in outlook and clicking on a link that takes me to the web Win 10 asks me every time which app to use, even though I have IE as my default.

    • Barbara

      I have the same problem and cannot resolve it. Chrome won’t “stick”!

  23. Kathy

    Thanks for the advice. Simple and straight forward made changing my default browser in Windows 10 super easy. Brilliant. THANKYOU

  24. Chris Peel

    I have Firefox as my default but since I installed Widows 10 Firefox hangs constantly. Are they just pushing me towards Edge??

  25. Benjamin

    Didn’t work. I just clicked on my amd program to check for updates, it’s not even opening edge…it’s opening INTERNET EXPLORER 11!!! What’s up with edge AND IE11? No matter what I do, already did this method and already had firefox even set itself as default, it STILL opens IE11.

    • Benjamin

      I’ve gone through “by file type” but it does NOT allow you to select another program, it doesn’t even let you de-select IE11!!!

  26. Benjamin

    Ok so you have to use control panel, turn on/off windows features. Once you disable that IE goes away and it will use the default browser you selected.

  27. Really

    “That’s a pretty strong statement, and insults the intelligence of Windows users. In fact, you could say he’s insulting his own customers who want to use Firefox in Windows 10.”


    A process that used to be a single click is now multiple steps, the fast version of which involves typing the right thing into the search box which is kinda like telling people to use command line. On top of that you’ve got all these people crying “It doesn’t work for me!” in your own comments section, which isn’t something that happened when all you had to do was click a button.

    A single click is how it still is on a clean install though, right? Not so much, in my case I got the message telling me to go to settings etc. and change it there.

    Case in point, this IS NOT EASIER than one click to change something as basic as a default browser setting. Or other program settings for that matter. Microsoft can’t even eliminate confusion for OneNote, their own product:


    In short, Chris Beard has a point in that this is a step backwards for the user experience, especially when it doesn’t actually work.

    • John Truman

      All true. In my opinion, the original answer is either absurdly naive or the respondent is one of the lucky ones who got software that worked as designed to work in WIndows 10 – not that that’s how it ought to work. No matter what I do, other than making Firefox NOT my default brower (seeriously, folks), it tells me it isn’t my default browser when I open it, even though, happily, it now functions as my default browser. So that’s ok, sort of.
      The fact that my touchpad is turned on every time I start or restart my computer, so that I have to open the Dell touchpad, click to ‘disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in’ (as I’m sane, it always is), click to turn off the touchpad, and click to save my changes is NOT ok. But it and the browser issue are really one and the same: (a) Microsoft thinks it knows best and (b) Microsoft thinks people will use its browsers rather than go to the trouble of opening another, be it Firefox, Chrome, or anything else. As far as I’m concerned, Microsoft is mistaken in both cases. In fact, when it comes to web browsers, my advice to Microsoft is, give up. Oh, and I don’t want to receive any more comments. I want Microsoft to FIX this mess.

  28. Dario Melkuhn

    Something has gone wrong! All of a sudden every time I reboot my system it has changed my default browser and email client to Opera and I have to change them back to my preference. I don’t even have Opera mail on my system. I use slimjet as web browser and windows live mail as my email client. I have scanned and checked my system but can not find the reason

  29. Andrew Spalding

    I had Chrome set up as my default browser, but after the last windows update it reset to Edge, and doesn’t have chrome in the list of available “default browsers”.
    My main gripe is that if I try to open links from Outlook there is no option to use Chrome. Microsoft seem to be makng it an all-or-nothing choice, i.e you use Outlook-Edge-Cortana etc, or none of these. I know which way this is taking me!

  30. Theresa

    I changed from Edge to Internet Explorer now how do I stop it from asking me each time if this is the browser I want to use? It’s extra click I don’t want to make each time.

  31. Dario Melkuhn

    I am having the same problem Theresa, Every time I start up it defaults back to Opera for my email and browser and it is a pain, this seems to be happening since the last lot of updates

  32. Samer

    I cant open all websites in my chrome tabs. does someone know how to enable it. I have window 10.

  33. Nancy

    Had no problem setting Firefox as my default browser, but I’m another person who gets the “always use this app” box every time I try to open a page from my Windows Live Mail account. I haven’t seen anyone correct THAT problem. Irritating, to say the least!

  34. Nico2000

    I have a worse problem… My windows 10 keeps changing ALL apps to it’s own default apps. Every time I change ANY default app to the app of my choosing, (weather trough control panel, or just the right mouse menu) Windows 10 changes it back to its own default apps. Sometimes within minutes. All the suggestions here don’t solve this annoying problem.

    Any other ideas anyone?

  35. Jennifer

    Just wanted to say thanks! This was super simple and easy :)

  36. Jimi

    Purchased a new Lenovo, had Win 8 pre-installed which was new system to me as i was satisfied with xp and win 7,
    hated 8 the minute i opened the system. upped to 10, a bit user friendly but detested ms edge as a useless piece of junk.
    installed chrome and firefox, but edge installs itself as default at least once a fortnight.
    i just keep resetting firefox but its a pain in the butt.

  37. Chet Stroh

    I set Internet Explorer as my default but when I click on an email in Outlook to print coupons, it opens a page showing a wk8_weekly_em.pdf window to open or save. When I open, it opens the page to print in Microsoft Edge and fails to print. This is all in windows 10. How do I keep it from going to Edge

    • Nunya

      My issue is similar but different from what I’m seeing people here complaining about. I have done everything to make IE 11 my default browser, and it shows as such. But, if I click on gmail or anything in google, Chrome opens. I really HATE the clutter of having 2 browser session, with multiple tabs open at the same time. How can I get the links to open in IE like they used to? My company has also locked the computer so that I cannot uninstall Chrome, or I’d do that.

  38. Phil

    Chrome stopped working altogether. In fact the whole computer crashed when I opened it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail, so have uninstalled it now. I am trying to make firefox my default, but when I try selecting a web browser nothing happens.

  39. Adam

    I followed the steps above and all is well – launches Chrome no problem. However if I restart my PC web browser defaults to IE again. Is there a fix to make the fix …fix!

  40. Jimi

    i have just discovered that it is something called “Maxthon” that keeps re-setting my default browser.
    but i cant find the uninstall for it.

  41. MacMcCarthy

    This is what finalliy worked for me:
    –search for Default Programs, as described.
    -Choose ‘Set your Default Programs
    -Choose Google Chrome in the left panel and click Set This Program By Default on the right

    It should then work, as it did for me after the other methods (that SHOULD work) failed.

  42. don rudy

    I have repeatedly followed the procedure described here to reset my browser to firefox. However, when I turn off the machine….as soon as i restart the machine windows 10 has reset my default browser to edge. I agree with the CEO at firefox that this is an issue.

  43. Chris Peel

    I have set Firefox as my default with no problem but it now runs very slowly, unlike Edge. Chrome is slow also.

  44. Kassy

    New one here. I tried your solution not only would it not take Chrome as my default browser it changed the options. Now under “Default apps” “Web browser” there is a plus mark in the icon box and it states” Choose a default”. I click on this and the usual choices are there including Chrome but if I click on Chrome it is not accepted as the default. I have tried all the choices including Microsoft Edge and it will accept none of them…yet as default default (?) the system keeps Microsoft Edge. Everytime I open Chrome I have to set it as my default. Any ideas?

  45. Zuzana

    Is this issue solved? when clicking a link in an *outlook* email, I still get the “how do you want to open this” pop-up every single time. I reply OK every single time to “keep using…”. I do not have any option to tick “do not ask me again”. This is driving me crazy.

    • Elaine

      I have the same problem as you Zuzana when clicking links from outlook email. Have yet to find a solution. It’s very annoying.

  46. Nancy

    I’m with you, Zuzana! This is SO irritating. Does anyone from Microsoft read this thread. I understand that they, of course, want to increase use of Edge, but they sure are aggravati9ng lots of users who want to stick with something else.

    • fiona


  47. Jimi

    Removing “Maxton” from win 10 appears to have resolved the problem for me.
    Firefox remains my default browser, even when laptop is rebooted.

  48. Herbert J. Alleman

    I just followed the directions and it worked with ease . I changed my browser from Microsoft Edge to Internet Explorer.

    • Zuzana

      I also have IE as default browser. This is easy. The problem is with outlook. When you click link in outlook email what happen? Do you use outlook?

      • Herbert J. Alleman

        When I click in Outlook on a website evidently I am now getting IE. There are problems with ME — I’ll stay away from that for a while.

  49. Jen

    Herbert, did you do anything different? I’m still having the same problem when clicking a website link in Outlook.

    • Stargazr

      Found SOLUTION to prevent Outlook & other apps asking for def browser when you click ona link.

      OK, this issue has been dogging me since I upgraded to Win 10.

      As described above, Outlook 2013 and other apps were asking me each and every time I clicked on a link to choose a default browser (Chrome in my case). Checking the box to remember the choice DID NOT work. I tried all the online suggestions I could find–most listed above as well–none worked for me. One suggestion to uninstall and re-install Chrome did not work either, but led to me discovering what did work, for me:

      Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Default Programs

      Choose: “Set program access and computer defaults” link
      Select: “Custom” and click the dropdown arrow, then under “Choose a default browser:” choose Chrome (or whatever) and click “Enable access to this program”.
      Click OK

      *I also double-checked a few other defaults to make sure they were set as I wanted.

      As a test, I opened Outlook 2013 and clicked on a link inside an email. It popped up the same window asking for the default browser–I was not encouraged, but I selected Chrome and selected to mark it as default. It worked!! No more annoying popup in either Outlook or other apps.

      If this helps anyone out there, I’ll be happy because I’ve been searching for months — coming back to the problem over and over– and now the irritation for me is finally gone.

  50. Herbert J. Alleman

    Jen, I followed the instructions and now we have IE again. HJA

  51. mark giard

    Windows 10 upgrade, I have IE11 as my default browser. This works fine, and automatically opens IE11 on links from Word, Excel, Publisher & Adobe Reader. But, links from Outlook (email, calendar & contacts) always asks me which browser to use. So, as Zuzanna says, it’s an Outlook issue.

  52. A J Cain

    Your instructions do not work for Firefox. All was working fine then a few days ago, every time I open Firefox it tells me that Bing cannot find that page. So, I reset my browser to Firefox and the next time I use the laptop, lo and behold, once again Bing tells me it can’t find firefox. I’ve reset to Firefox no less than a dozen times.

    I don’t understand why it worked correctly for months then stopped. It has got to have something to do with the automatic updates that Windows installs. It could not be something else, I wouldn’t think.

    Seems like the people at windows would see that sometimes, people want their own stuff, not what the Windows people want us to have.

    Pardon me…………….I must go find the Tylenol.

  53. akabaneyuhi

    I’ve been clicking on google chrome as my default browser..but it ended up showing no app selected at all…

  54. fiona

    I followed your directions 100 times before I even saw your post, it doesn’t work and it goes right back each and every time I have to hit the “make Firefox your default brower” I hate windows 10 and I am so frustrated I want to scream!!!!! If I had the money to go back to Mac I would :( Windows 10 blows and I agree with the CEO of Firefox.

  55. Jen

    I love Windows 10. This is my only complaint. I can live with it but will be very happy once there is a fix.

  56. Mary

    I have the same problem. I have followed instructions to the T for all the various ways to set Firefox as my browser and every time I open it, it tells me it is not the default browser and asks if I want to set it as default. I select “yes” and then it sends me right back to the select default apps, which I have already changed to Firefox and Firefox IS the default app in here. Still get the pop-up though. Grrr.

  57. Sorin Acela

    Setting the default browser in Windows 10 only works here: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs

    • Mike

      Doesn’t work. We’ve all tried that.

  58. Roxie

    I am having the same problem. The difference that I have is when I go in to change my browser nothing is showing as my browser. I can click on the tab and pick my browser and it will change back for a short period of time. Not sure how long I am able to keep the chrome browser but it is not for very long. It is very frustrating. I would have no problem using Edge if they worked out the kinks that made it so slow but until than I want chrome.

  59. Bob Ashlock

    Does NOT work. “Experts” may argue that it does, but fact is fact. When I go to settings to select ‘Chrome’ as the default, it shows a gray box with a “+” prompting me to choose a default. When I choose the app “Chrome”, it does not update the Web Browser box. It simply goes back to the “choose a default” prompt. This is a problem in Windows 10 that needs to be properly addressed.

  60. Russell

    I’m adding my name to the list of Windows 10 upgraders who can’t get rid of the pop-up which asks me to select the app to open web links in emails, despite my having already set IE as my default browser.

    However, after I eventually got so annoyed that I set Google Chrome as the default browser the message stopped.

    So I then set IE once again as my default browser, and once again the message started to appear. Seems that Microsoft is happy to let me use any browser except it’s own product. Doh!

  61. Bob Kuhn

    There’s a semi fix for the “always use this app”. See https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3094186

    For me it got rid of the dialog box.

    From another thread “Irritatingly the Microsoft “fix” (KB 3094186) is only partial. Links will open in IE providing they do not contain an ampersand. If the link does contain an ampersand, the url passed to IE is terminated at that point rendering it invalid. This means that, generally, simple links to websites will work, but complex links eg links to specific ebay items will not.”

    I got the eBay links to work by changing the new registry key from ‘cmd /c start %1’ to ‘”C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE” %1’.

    Both are listed as possible values for the new key in KB 3094186. ‘cmd /c start %1’ is what you get if you use the “Here’s an easy fix” method rather than manually changing the registry.

    NOTE – ‘cmd /c start %1’ results in a new tab while the other results in a new window.

    • Jen

      YES!! That fix worked! Thank you SO much, Bob Kuhn! After 9 months, I can finally click on links in Outlook emails without having to choose IE every time – YAY!!

    • Mike

      Bob, it worked for me too! Thank you very much for showing the way to fix this annoying problem.

    • Scott Adams

      Even simpler is:


  62. Zuzana

    Hi, it worked for me too. I was very happy for some time.
    Then I discovered that most of the links that are from science direct (journal issues alerts) have the bad-behaved links. These were completely blocked by the fix. IE opened (without asking me if I what keeping using it) but in a general search page. I wanted to remove the fix, but suddenly and update was installed and the fix was automatically removed.
    Thus I am back to zero. I know that I could install the fix again, but the science direct links will not work. Thus I will keep waiting for some other fix or finally(!?) an update from Microsoft. Do they ever know about these bugs?

  63. Sandra

    Windows 10 does not allow me to use Google Chrome as my default browser which is really annoying! I can select as as my default but as soon as browse the internet a message appears ( every single time aarggghhh ) telling me that Google Chrome is NOT my default browser .

  64. Steve Quinn

    I know how to set the default browser using the ‘Settings’ menu and sub-menus – but recently Windows 10 will not allow me to change to my chosen browser.
    I select ‘Opera’ from the list but it is not changed.
    Open Opera and am given the option (from Opera) to set as default – click ‘Yes’ and ‘Don’t ask me again’ and close. Next time I click on a web link, Edge opens……
    Back to ‘Settings’ and the default browser setting is blank again…

  65. Fred

    Does not work! I find chrome listed as a browser app but when I try to change the app windows 10 ignores my request.

  66. Fred

    If it helps it really doesn’t matter that much to me since I use Google for everything internet. I don’t have a email app running on my computer or any other app that might require a browser that it (an app), can’t supply itself and must rely on the operating system. It just annoys me that I don’t have the freedom to choose.

  67. Juan

    thanks, I don’t like edge….give me int. expl back

  68. Jeff

    Cute, but not what I was looking for. My default browser is set to Firefox, so when I need to Search > Web, the spyware product called Edge comes up…

    What if I want my default browser to be Firefox, such that when I need to go to my search bar, and it goes to the Internet – it opens Firefox?

    So far, it is not confusing, it just doesn’t actually make the default browser Firefox.

  69. MJB

    Thank you so much, Brian!
    After updating to Windows 10, all of my links in MailWasher Pro wanted to open in Microsoft Edge.
    I use Lastpass in Firefox, so all of my passwords are stored there. With your help, I was able to have the links open in Firefox, sign in with Lastpass and get to the webpage I wanted to go to.
    Thanks again!

  70. Chris Lister

    (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) I call shenanigans on your post Brian. Did what you said and each time I chose the browser I preferred Windows conveniently glitched like I had made no selection.

    For those of you tired of the M.S.B.S. (Major Security Bytes System)
    Go to the real “Control Panel” not this ridiculous “Settings” thing Microsoft hijacked from phones. You guys aren’t robots or fruit, give it up.

    Anyway, in the Control Panel navigate to: “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs”.

    Find the program you want to make the default browser, and then choose all the file types you want your app to open. Then you can go into Edge and see all the file types it will still open. Interestingly enough it has a few proprietary file types.

    10 years in IT, several months with Windows 10, and I’m still altering it to run properly. Same thing we had to do to Vista! I’ve been looking for one of those 10 things you can do to fix Windows 10 Blogs. Haven’t seen a good one yet. I guess MS really did a number on this OS, I’d say you guys finally topped Vista! Way to go Microsoft!

  71. AmericanInfidelPorkEater

    THANKS! It worked for me. You have to give it to the majority of people in control of big things, they want to control everything that you & I buy today, and a bunch that we don’t …

  72. John F Nice, Jr

    I have been in my settings about 12 times. Each time it shows no default web browser. When I choose Google Chrome it does not put it in.

  73. Sherry Myers

    My default browser clearly shows as Chrome in both the Windows 10 settings and in Chrome. When I click links or open apps EVERYTHING opens in Edge. There is nothing simple about this. You were very condescending in your article. Hope I didn’t loose you anywhere in my description.

    • Chris Lister


  74. Bruce W McLaughlin

    Well I lost all my documents , all pictures , even my restore is gone? Google chrome is my browser or shall I say was as it was this morning and then I get the edge program asking for sign in. No files saved if I shut it down , all the stings go away and this is just simply frustrating. Settings comes up but not search?

  75. Richard

    No, this does not work totally. If I click a link in Outlook it goes to Edge. Some other programs do the same thing. I have searched the programs, default apps and default files and cannot find a way to stop Edge from opening on anything. Mozilla CEO was definitely correct the MS makes it extremely difficult to change the default.

    Something extremely wrong with Microsoft not allowing for the total removal of the embedded apps. I dislike Edge and Cortana and would gratefully remove them totally. Along with their Mail and Photo app. This is my computer and I want full control of what is on it or not. I don’t mine the advertising just not the strong arm tactics Microsoft takes with pushing things down our collective throats.

  76. ajd

    20/10/2021 Windows 10 build 19043.1288
    Any clicks from any program will load into Edge if Edge is the default browser, but if you change the browser to Chrome/etc then the system will ‘forget’ seemingly within seconds. So you can change your default browser but it won’t work, it will not allow the clicks through to the non-Edge browser.

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