Ask the Readers: Which Technology Device Do You Want This Year?

You’ve stayed up-to-date with the current gadgets that came out this year, and what we want to know is: What device are you most looking forward to getting.

It’s that time of the year and everyone is buying gifts for those people that make up our lives – co-workers, friends, and family. Now, we aren’t too old to be as excited to tear open gift like when we were five years old. Sometimes you get that feeling when getting the latest tech gadget you’ve wanted all year.

There are definitely too many devices to include in this one article, but here’s a few ideas to get you thinking about tech gifts, either that you’re giving to someone else or ones you want.


2014 Tech Gifts

Here’s some of the more obvious tech devices to choose from this year from the Amazon Fire TV stick at $39.00 up to a couple thousand you can spend on a decked out Surface Pro 3.

Amazon Fire TV – Perfect for those who enjoy quality mobile games scaled up to the big screen along with their multimedia fix. Amazon is also selling a certified refurbished box for $79.99

Amazon Fire TV Stick – If you’re an Amazon Prime member and get your movies and TV through Amazon, this is a cheaper way to go, but gaming here takes a back seat but only costs $39.00

Apple iPhone 6 – The luxury new Apple phone with more power under the hood, slightly larger screen at 4.7” or get the iPhone 6 Plus if you want Apple’s largest iPhone screen to date, coming in  at 5.5” and the latest version on iOS 8 is preinstalled (price varies by carriers and plans)

Roku 3 – This is the newest Roku 3 set-top box that is platform agnostic, and includes virtually all of the major streaming media services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Spotify. Of course, there’s no Apple content, but if you live in the Apple ecosystem chances are you have an Apple TV already.

Chromebook – The web only Chromebook from Google are plenty affordable and is a good choice for the user who does light computer work, i.e, email, shopping, blogging, casual games, and light word processing. Plus, a Chromebook is very affordable.

Surface Pro 3 – Microsoft’s new Cadillac ultra-book with detachable keyboard, 12” screen and an Intel Core 15 or i7 and a healthy amount of RAM that runs Windows 8.1 the way it was meant to be run. Surface Pro 3 is perfect for Windows enthusiasts, who might be yourself!

Not to mention, Windows Phones, Android smartphones and tablets, iPads…Ok, you get the idea…

So you’ve stayed up-to-date with the current gadgets that came out this year, and what we want to know is: What device are you most looking forward to getting or maybe even giving as a gift to someone else?

The comments below are wide open, let us know what’s on your tech wish list!



  1. Sheryl

    My wishes are small, I just want a Chromecast. I’ve already dumped my money on an iPhone 6 (LOVE IT).

    • Steve Krause

      Did you grab the 6 or the 6 plus?

      • Sheryl

        I got the 6. Wasn’t sure I wanted to, or even could, carry the “plus” in my pocket.

        • Steve Krause

          We’ll…. I don’t have my 6 plus yet however, when I get it I’ll let ya know if it was a mistake (regarding the size). I’ve been waiting over two months for it to arrive and I’ve thought more than once I should just cancel and get the smaller version….

  2. Dieter

    Definitely a Surface Pro 3.

  3. Brian Burgess

    @Dieter I totally agree. That is my wish for this year is a Surface Pro 3, but I want the top of the line, highest decked out one.

    Probably too expensive and too much to ask for.

  4. Nick

    Surface Pro 3, best of 3 worlds, replaces desktop, laptop and tablet. I use it with a docking station and 2 monitors. Just snap open docking station and you have everything at your fingertips when on the move…(i5 comes with 8GB RAM combined with 250 SSD HD is super fast and found it best value for money)

    • Steve Krause

      Many say it takes three iterations to get it right. Looks like that’s the case with the Surface.

      Everyone I’ve spoken with so far LOVE their new Surface 3. So… might actually need to try one out here eventually…

  5. Steve Krause

    In my home, it’s all about the iPad Mini and Netflix…. The kids really don’t have any want for anything else so we are all set (at the moment).

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