Ask the Readers: Are You a Cord Cutter?

WWE is just the latest company that owns the cable TV and Pay-Per-View space that’s bringing all of its content online. With so much to choose from, are you a Cord Cutter?

It’s great to be able to stream your favorite TV shows and sports on-demand. WWE Network just helps to strengthen that opinion.

With the highly-publicized launch of World Wrestling Entertainment’s WWE Network, a cable juggernaut and pay-per-view events, it seems that more and more mainstream sports networks, and niche services, are finding their way to streaming and on-demand apps. It’s a growing trend, and it seems that it will only continue to expand as more consumers “cut the cable cord” and turn to consoles, tablets, Smart TVs, and set-top boxes for their entertainment.

Cutting the Cord

It’s a model I’ve always liked. It’s much better than paying for a cable subscription that includes to a bunch of channels I don’t watch. Worse yet, viewing is confined to what’s on at that moment and gasp! the commercials. It’s much more enjoyable to subscribe to a dedicated entertainment wrestling channel or one that specializes in anime. Then, you can watch the programming you enjoy whenever you feel like watching it.

Adding to the value, is the fact that many of these services, such as WWE Network, offer access to pay-per-view events. It’s something that normally costs viewers much more money –using $50 or more. However, this is now available for a set price — in the case of WWE Network, it’s $9.99 a month.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), MLB (Major League Baseball) and NHL (National Hockey League) are just two of the many sports networks that have brought their content to the streaming world. More and more it eliminates the need for cable TV. Meanwhile, channels like Vevo offer continuous streaming of music videos, something lost generations ago when MTV became (un)Reality TV.

Netflix isn’t necessarily the first streaming service, and it isn’t without it’s flaws, but it became the most popular thanks to it’s thoughtful transition from DVD-by-mail rentals to streaming. Now it’s become a household name. As many of the other apps and streaming services are quickly becoming. Not to mention that it has its own extremely popular programs like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

We’ve written several articles here on various set-top boxes and ways you can stream online and local digital media via Apple TV, Xbox 360, Roku, and more. Streaming content is getting easier, and it’s coming to more devices regularly. And for even more great cord cutting discussion, check out our friends Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood’s weekly podcast called Cord Killers.

You can get the majority of channels over-the-air in HD, and with all the content now available for streaming…why not cut that $100+ cable bill?

Are you a cord cutter?

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!



  1. Brian Burgess

    I’ve been a cord cutter for over 8 years. Only get one channel out where I live over the air, and that’s fine with me cuz it has the Vikings.

    Other than that, I rock Netflix, Amazon Prime, and now the WWE Network…yup. I am a fan and not afraid to admit it…LOL

    I am ditching Hulu Plus though, I don’t see much of a need for it personally.

    • 8bitjay

      Hulu has TMNT. That’s a good one for me. Though I’d love to hook an old computer up to my TV to watch some stuff like South Park Studios.

      • GaryE

        The pc to tv option is awesome. We cut the cord two years ago thanks to a spare Dell laptop and a cable, and it is far better than our old cable packagea t a fraction of the cost. Wed do oay for netflix and the occasional iTunes download but the amount of free and good content is staggering.

      • Vadim

        Hulu is just crap for me. I can’t stand it. Great performance but nothing on there I really liked to watch (IMO)….

        • GaryE

          it helps to like some older shows for Hulu free versison to matter. I enjoy catching old Green Acres reruns (I admit it) but especially appreciate the free episiodes of Colbert Report posted daily. Belly laughs for free. Do not overlook Tv.com people! Lots of stuff.

          • 8bitjay

            There is so much content that I can almost always find something. Even those old shows that I am just experiencing for the first time (Cheers, Wings, etc.) things that were a little before my time.

  2. Shelley O'Connell

    The uptick in sports streaming apps is long overdue! Sports has been the one big hurdle for cord cutters. But live TV from all the broadcast networks, including live local news and sports, is not something you have to give up if you cut the cord. And you can also have a DVR. Cord Cutting is getting much easier!

    Channel Master’s blog just posted some good cord cutting myths/facts:


    • GaryE

      Over the air capability helps a lot for sports. We added the Mohu Leaf antenna in order to get the networks for football season and it works great, It will be interesting to see how the new Mohu Channels box, combining over the air and web/app access works out in terms of customer adoption. In addition, we added a subscription to NFL GameRewind, which offers webcasts of every NFL game and access to its archive. WhIle it isn’t a real time option and it is more optimized for the PC and not the PC-connected Television, it is a great resource. Its quality is directly correlated to your bandwidth though so it is not pristine and can;t compare to satellite or cable or over-the-air for clarity

  3. Wendy Haylett

    We cut the cord five years ago and couldn’t be happier. Went all ipTV using Rokus all over the house, computers, and OTA antenna … plus Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, MLB.TV, and PlayOn. Last addition was Simple.TV. I was using my PC and a tuner + Windows Media Center for DVR, but this is better. Look for a special on Woot and for $89 you can get DVR capabilities and lifetime premium license (to the schedules) to record OTA TV. You only need to buy an external hard drive and you’re golden. Love it! I was able cancel Hulu Plus and I can schedule recording, watch recorded shows, and watch live TV anywhere from a PC through Google Chrome, from Roku, Android app, or iPhone.

  4. Yvonne Reeves

    I have not been happy with the cost of cable and having to pay for many channels that I didn’t care anything about watching. My oldest son tried for months to get me to cut the cord but I wasn’t sure if I could get any channels because I live in a rural area. My son flew home (he lives in SC and I live in Arkansas) last September to install an OTA antenna for me (it is attached on the gable end of my house and does not look bad at all). I was amazed that I could get all the 3 major channels plus 29 other channels, I also have Netflix and Amazon. I am very pleased with this set up but the best thing is I cut my cable bill $100.

  5. Yvonne Reeves

    I purchased a Winegard HP7084P VHF/UHF/FM/HDTV antenna and installation kit from Denny’s TV and Antenna Service in Ithaca, MI. (www.dennysantennaservice.com). Excellent service – they were great to help me come up with an antenna that would work in my area and it was free shipping.

    • Brian Burgess

      @Yvonne: Do you live in a rural area? I do, and it actually looks like these guys have antenna’s that are powerful. You were happy with the service they gave you?

      I might have to check these guys out.

  6. JeffreyK

    I fired DirecTV and went with the Roku3 recently. It saved me on the $100+ satellite bill. I am in a remote canyon area and have zero OTA channels available, no cable or DSL. A wireless internet provider (WISP) now gives me 3mb download speed which is just fine for streaming HDTV. The only problem is we are having trouble meeting the data cap of 100GB /month. Even watching lowered resolution on Netflix and other channels the data cap is a problem. Having to rely more on netflix DVDs through the mail more now and reading books.

  7. Brian Burgess

    You know, one thing to keep in mind though, is to choose your services wisely. Because say you already have a music service for $9.99/month Netflix $7.99/month WWE $9.99/ month…Hulu Plus….etc. If you go too crazy, you might end up spending the same as a basic cable … which I guess is still better than the crappy channels a basic one would provide.

    Unfortunately too, sometimes getting Cable with a Internet package ends up being the cheaper way to do it.

    • 8-Bit Jay

      For sure. Vevo is free though. Right now, if I add WWE ($10) and go with Netflix ($8) and Crunchyroll ($7), it’s not a bad deal.

  8. Steve Krause

    My kids actually don’t know what cable is (oldest is 9 yrs old). To them, TV = Netflix. It’s a pain trying to explain to them what a commercial is when watching LIVE TV as we call it those rare occasions when we’re not watching Netflix.

    So yeah, between Netflix and Amazon Prime, the cord has been cut (mostly……).

    • 8bitjay

      a life without commercials. I love it.

  9. Yvonne Reeves

    Yes Brian I do live in a rural area. When I first contacted Denny at Denny’s Antenna’s he told me he did not have an antenna that would work for me. He contacted me later in the day stating after researching he had one he thought would work & it did. I as m very pleased with this company.

  10. Dave

    About 5 years ago I decided to cancel cable due to a financial set back, and found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information on the topic. With cable costs going up and the economy getting worse, many people are finding that canceling cable is the only thing that make sense. With this growing demand for Online TV, vendors are popping out of the woodwork – all promising to fulfill this need. The problem is that most of the sites, services, and products out there only offer partial solutions, or no solution at all. Through my research I realized that there is a growing need for clarity in this space. And that people just like me, needed help making this complex transition from standard cable to Online and Over-the-Air TV.

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