8 Top Tips to Writing Tweets that Really Get Read. Really.

If you want to make a name for yourself as a clever and talented Tweeter, you’ve got a lot of competition. Every day half a billion twitters create 175 million tweets. In one day! And Twitter’s signing up 11 new users every second. Of course, all of them tweet.

But are they–and you–twittering anything anyone wants to read? Chances are the answer is “No!”

That’s what three researchers found out when they set up a website and asked 1,443 users to rate the quality of 43,738 tweets. The users told them that only 36 percent of tweets were “worth reading.”

The users gave a thumbs down to 25 percent of the tweets–”not worth reading”–and said 39 percent of tweets “is just OK.”

In a story in the Harvard Business Review, the researchers warned that the users tended to be focused on technology and news. A tweet written by a high school student about Greg asking Heather to the prom was likely to have little interest for the study’s users–or anyone else besides Greg and Heather.

8 Ways You Can Make Your Tweets More Readable

But the researchers–Paul Andre, Michael Bernstein, and Kurt Luther–came up with tips for anyone who wants to become the Faulkner of Facebook.

“The key is to be aware of one’s audience and how different people’s values may differ,” Andre said.

For a more detailed look at the researchers’ findings, see



  1. Sandra

    Great article! What’s #8? It doesn’t appear when I hover my mouse over it. Thanks!

    • Adam

      Hmm… not working for me either. I think we can guess however by the tweet in the illustration. I’m going to go with:

      Unless you’re a super star, no one cares to receive a “Good Morning” tweet from you. It’s not interesting and it’s just filler space and a waste of typing”. What do you want people to say back? Um… Hello!?

      That’s just my guess :)

  2. Cathy Dunham

    Excellent overview. Concisely presented. One question: Is the rollover for #8 functioning correctly? I’m in Chrome (on Windows), but there was no hover action. Just FYI…

  3. Bill

    #8 did not work for me either, using Internet Explorer.

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