What’s Up with The Music in Gmail?

Earlier this week Google introduced a New Feature in Gmail Called Priority Inbox. Strangely enough, it looks like that for some reason Google has also added funny background music for when you’re checking your E-Mails. Is this true? Why would they do such a thing? Let’s find out.

So what is the music really?

It turns out that the music you hear playing is actually the music to the introduction video to Priority Inbox. On some browsers, the video auto-plays without showing up and this caused a lot of confusion among Gmailers.


Perhaps the best fix would be to enable the Priority Inbox and open/close your browser.  Music will pretty much be gone.  Done and Done.  Now, there is also another nuclear bomb approach you could take which would be silly and kind of stupid but…  it’s a great excuse to show you a fun trick so let’s take a look.  <LOL>


Step 1 – (Windows Vista or Windows 7 required)

Open Gmail in a new browser window – Chrome will do nicely for my demo.


Step 2

Open the Volume Mixer from the tray icon by Right-Clicking on the Volume Control Icon and Selecting Volume Mixer.


Step 3

Find the browser in which you opened Gmail (in my case that’s Chrome) and mute it by Pressing the small Loudspeaker Icon.


That’s it! Now you can browse your E-Mails without that funny carnival music….  and yeah… pretty much all volume will be dead in this browser so this is actually a great FYI regarding how-to mute a browser window but not actually something I would recommend doing.  :)



  1. tipztv

    Coolie :D

    • MrGroove

      yeah this was a quirky little tip that was pretty groovy.

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