Fix Muted iPad Unlock, Keyboard and Game Sounds

When your iPad stops making its usual iPad sounds, it could be a bad speaker. Or in the case of a lot of tablets, people, it’s the “hidden” mute button that’s been unwittingly activated. Here’s how to find it.

“Can you help me? My iPad lock screen and typing sounds are gone, and some of the games no longer have any sounds either.” This was one of the first questions I was asked at a  recent family “tech support” dinner.

About two weeks ago, for an unknown reason, my niece had done something to her mother’s iPad and managed to glitch up all of the sound.

If this same problem is perplexing you, good news. There is a simple and painless solution.  I’m not sure why Apple did this, but aside from the Settings >> General >> Sounds menu there is another place to mute certain sounds that aren’t connected with any other settings or volume button.

To access this “hidden” volume menu, press the Home button twice in quick succession. A list of all of your recently open apps will come up, slide this bottom list all the way to the left (swipe to the right). It should only take 1 swipe if you’re going the correct direction. On this menu at the bottom left is a volume mute button.


In my niece’s case, it turns out she had unwittingly pressed this mute button and was unaware that it was part of an illusive menu. I think it’s bad form on Apples part that this mute button isn’t listed anywhere else on the device, so hopefully this quick little tip can help out anyone else confused by disappearing sounds on their iOS device.



  1. Seneca Easley

    July 30, 2012 at 6:21 am

    Your image shows a volumn command, my ipad shows “screen orientation lock” icon…although my son has slid the “master mute” button just above the volumne control on the upper right side of my ipad on several occasions.

  2. Austin Krause

    August 10, 2012 at 9:15 am

    Good point, thanks for the screenshot Seneca!

    Have you tried flipping the iPad into landscape mode? It might be different in portrait.

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