How To See If A Site Is Really Down {QuickTip}

Easily check to see if the website you’re trying to access is online or offline using a simple web service online called

Hey Steve! Is the website down or is it just me? Sound familiar? If your on the internet as much as me AND you’re always messing with your box there’s probably a lot of reasons why it just might be just you…

Fortunately there’s a groovy site called which will test if in fact it is you or the website.

down for everyone

After hitting the site, just throw in the domain name and…

website down just for you

Or… if it isn’t just you but the site is down —

website down for everyone

groovyTip for a groovySaturday :)



  1. zack

    Thanks for this tip.

  2. Ron White

    Very cool, Bogdan. Useful and simple, the best kind of tip.


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