Limit Dropbox Download / Upload Speed to Save on Bandwidth

Is Dropbox hogging your internet connection? If you sync a large amount of data to Dropbox, this can happen quite easily. This groovy quick-tip should put the program in check and get your internet connection back to a usable speed.

I recently reinstalled Dropbox and realized that the 7GB download sync on my slow home connection would bring my internet to a screeching halt.  To prevent this I had to tell Dropbox to throttle it’s connection, at least until I was done browsing the internet.

dropbox speed

To set Dropbox’s download and upload speed limits, right-click the Dropbox icon in your taskbar and select Preferences…

dropbox preferences

In the preference window click the Bandwidth tab and here you can change the limits to whatever you like.

*Note that making the limits really high won’t make you download any faster than if you just left it at “don’t limit.”  This all about slowing it down to keep it from hogging your internet connection.

dropbox preferences speed throttle

So the next time Netflix tweaks out while you’re streaming a new episode of Arrested Development (one of my fav shows…), remember this tip as it just might help you get things back to HD quality.

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